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Star SM-S400 0 Portable Printers

Star SM-S400
  • The Star SM-S400 has been Discontinued and Replaced by the Star SM-T400i.

  • Click the following link to view the Star SM-S400 Specifications
  • Star SM-S400 Description

    The Star SM-S400 is designed to assist and empower portable and field service industry users who require a small and light (321g - including battery) portable printer to "get the job done."

    The Star SM-S400 is ideal for applications requiring the printing of "on demand" invoices and packing slips. In addition to easy drop in & print paper loading, a print speed of 50mm per second, the Star SM-S400 is supplied with a magnetic stripe reader and comes standard with Serial and Bluetooth connections.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Star SM-S400:

  • 4 Inch Portable Printer.
  • High Speed: 50 mm/sec.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 / Serial Connections.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader.
  • Supports Multiple Language and Graphics Printing.The Star SM-S400 also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.