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"Subject: Great product...Even better service!

I spent several days looking for someone who had this particular Citizen Thermal Printer in stock. Until I found your website I was continually told that it would take at least 2 weeks to receive it. Actually, I am now happy about that because your price was the best...and your service was outstanding. I received my printer in 2 days. I WILL be looking to your company whenever I need anything in the future. Thank you!"

"I really appreciate your prompt and courteous service! You make wanting to do business with Barcode Bonanza easier each time I interact with you and your organization."

"The new unit works great! Thanks! Also, I have been very impressed with your service! You were quick to respond and took things seriously. In this day of customer service drones who begrudgingly do the bare minimum, that is very refreshing.

My shipping department has the first unit and will ship it as soon as they can get FedEx in here.

Thanks again!"

"thank you very much. I tried to order the same printer from " Super Warehouse " an they kept me in a holding pattern for 2 weeks before I gave them a call to find out the status of my order, to learn that they did not even have the printer in stock, so I ask how long would I have to wait for this printer, they told me it could take 1 day, 1 week , 1 month. so I ask if it was worth it for me to keep waiting on them.

Long story short I'm glad to do bussiness with a company that cares about there bussiness.

keep up the good work. thanks."

"I had some questions about a scanner I was considering and called to ask a few questions. I had the pleasure of talking to Matthew. He was extremely courteous and very helpful and is one of the reasons I ordered from your company.

I will also pass along the company name to the other Media Specialist in our county and surrounding counties for purchase consideration.

Thanks for the wonderful customer service experience and someone needs to pat Matthew on the back for doing such a great job."

"I just wanted to send an email to let you know that I had a great experience on the phone with Matthew this morning. He was very helpful. I will be a extremely satisfied customer if I do receive the product I ordered by 1030 tomorrow morning as promised!"

"Thanks for the awesome service, I feel spoiled."

"Hi Guys, Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt service, you guys are great!"

"Many thanks all items arrived on time and well packaged. Many thanks for the fantastic service."

"Thanks! It's great doing business with a responsive company."

"I received the scanner and delivered it to the customer. I REALLY appreciate the fast shipping and the quick response."

"Just a note to say thanks for your good service to us."

"The nomad 900L came in on Friday, thanks. You provided great service and if you have a simple review link, I would be happy to write you a good review."