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About Touchscreens

Touchscreen Monitors look the same as any other monitor, but it does a whole lot more! An extra piece of glass(inconspicuous and internally intergrated) has been added over the front of the screen as well as an extra cable at the back. Once you have plugged them in and loaded up the software drivers, you’ll be ready to experience a whole new way of working.
  • Touchscreens enable users to access a wealth of information very quickly while at the same time allowing the information owners a certain degree of protection in that they can choose what information is available to the public.
  • Whenever a user touches the screen, the computer will think that they have "left clicked" as with a mouse!
  • How touchscreens work - A conductive glass sheet is placed over the front of the monitor screen. This has four wires (one from each corner) that connect to the mouse port on the PC. By touching the glass front, some of the natural electric charge that you hold is passed to the four wires. The driver software then works out (from the different charges on the different wires) where you touched the screen and tells the computer that you have "left clicked" there.
  • Resistive touchscreens use a flexible membrane with a coating of transparent metal oxide and a grid of spacers to locate the touch point. The key advantage of resistive touch technology is the wide range of pointing devices e.g., a gloved finger, finger nails, credit card pens, etc. that can be used with it.
  • Capacitive touchscreens sense electrical signals to determine the presence and location of your finger as it makes contact with the surface of the touch screen. Strengths of capacitive technology include a fast response time, durability and a tolerance for surface contamination. Grease, water and dirt will not interfere with the capacitive screen's speed, accuracy or resolution like they can with surface acoustic wave or infrared touchscreens.
  • Projected capacitive touchscreens employ a similar technology, but they project a low-voltage field through materials so they can be used behind a store window or other protective materials, such as concrete.
  • Infrared touchscreens generate a grid of light across the face of the screen and check for interruptions to that grid.

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