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About Receipt Printers

Receipt Printers features will increase a consumer's likelihood to return to a store by (e.g. printing a coupon on a receipt). Furthermore, the ability to add customer-specific promotions (in color) on a receipt allows a retailer to quickly react to market sales trends.
  • Receipts that include color can be produced by impact printers equipped with colored ribbons, by two-color thermal printers, and by ink jet printers.
  • Color Graphics are becoming increasingly popular with large retailers, specialty retailers, and convenience stores. These businesses use color receipt printers to print their logos in color, create eye-catching promotions, and deliver targeted marketing messages to their customers.
  • Color Receipts are not just useful at the POS, restaurants' kitchens are the most common locations using colored receipts. Color is used to highlight important information on orders that are printed in a kitchen.
  • Demand for Wireless Receipt Printing is increasing. In the hospitality market, a wireless receipt printer can be located in the kitchen, at the register, or in the hands of the wait staff. These types of applications speed up customer orders and improve customer satisfaction (e.g. no more waiting for a waiter to return with your credit card and receipt).

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