Star SM-S400 - Part# 39569100

39569100 - Star SM-S400

    Car Charger (Car Charger. Also known as SM-S401-DB38.)

Star SM-S400 - Part# 39569100 Highlights

  • The Star SM-S400 has been Discontinued and Replaced by the Star SM-T400i.

Star SM-S400 - Part# 39569100 Product Description

The Star is designed to assist and empower portable and field service industry users who require a small and light (321g - including battery) portable printer to "get the job done."

The Star is ideal for applications requiring the printing of "on demand" invoices and packing slips. In addition to easy drop in & print paper loading, a print speed of 50mm per second, the Star is supplied with a magnetic stripe reader and comes standard with Serial and Bluetooth connections.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Star :

  • 4 Inch Portable Printer.
  • High Speed: 50 mm/sec.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 / Serial Connections.
  • Magnetic Stripe Reader.
  • Supports Multiple Language and Graphics Printing.The Star also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
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    Star SM-S400 - Part# 39569100 Specifications

    Star SM-S400 Specifications

  • Click the following link to view the Star SM-S400 Specifications
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