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Honeywell PC43K Kiosk Barcode Printers

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Honeywell PC43KA003000001
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Honeywell PC43K Kiosk Description

PC43K Kiosk Solution: An Use All-in-One Solution

The PC43K Kiosk is a fully integrated solution that combines a tablet, label printer, scanner, and configurable workflow software, all from one vendor. Designed to fit any business model, this comprehensive kiosk solution is ideal for parcel shops, retailers, airlines, hospitality, and other consumer interactions. With its compact modular design and user-friendly interface, the PC43K automates processes and enhances the customer experience.

With Honeywell's full system integration and centralized support, you can be confident that your PC43K Kiosk is always up-to-date with regular patches and the latest security measures. This ensures that your business and customer data are protected.

Streamlined Integration and Performance in Any Environment

The PC43K's compact modular design allows for seamless integration and optimal performance in any consumer environment. Whether it's a retail store, airline check-in counter, or hotel lobby, this kiosk solution can adapt to your specific needs with ease. The PC43K Kiosk Solution comes with pre-integrated hardware, significantly reducing integration costs. This means you can start using the kiosk quickly and efficiently, without the need for extensive setup or additional hardware investments.Powered by the Android 8 operating system, the PC43K enables easy integration and configuration of business-specific applications. This flexibility allows you to customize and develop applications that align with your unique business model, providing a tailored experience for your customers.

The PC43K Kiosk Solution: Key Features

  • All-in-One Design: The PC43K includes a tablet, printer, scanner, and software from a single vendor, making it easy to use and develop custom applications to fit any business model.
  • Integrated Scan Engine: The integrated scan engine ensures fast and accurate scanning capabilities for efficient customer interactions.
  • ScanPal EDA71 Tablet: The ScanPal EDA71 tablet, loaded with Android 8, provides a user-friendly interface and supports a wide range of applications.
  • PC43 Direct Thermal Printer: The PC43 direct thermal printer offers native support for comprehensive printer command languages, making it simple to use and maintain.
  • Enhanced Security: The PC43K solution includes Android security patch support and centralized support from Honeywell, ensuring the highest level of security for your business and customer data.
  • Easy Firmware Updates: The printer firmware updates app allows you to easily update the printer to the latest firmware, ensuring optimal performance and security.
  • Flexible Self-Service Platform: The PC43K's modular design and customizable workflow software enable automation of processes and improved customer experiences in various industries, including parcel shops, retailers, airlines, and hospitality.

Honeywell PC43K Barcode Label Printer: Ideal for Self-Service Applications

The Honeywell PC43K Barcode Label Printer is a user-friendly, fully integrated kiosk solution that combines a tablet, label printer, scanner, and configurable workflow software. This versatile printer is suitable for self-service applications in parcel shops, retailers, airlines, hospitality, and other consumer interactions. With its compact modular design, the PC43K automates processes, enhances efficiency, and improves the overall customer experience. It supports all major 1D barcode symbologies, as well as 2D and composite codes.
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