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Loftware Label Manager Bar Code Label Software

Loftware Label Manager

  • Loftware Label Manager Description

    The Loftware Label Manager is a barcode label design package that facilitates customer and internal labeling mandates. With the Loftware Label Manager, companies can create any type of barcode label.

    Label Manager Additional Features:

  • Practical wizards and templates for RFID tags and barcode label design and printing.
  • Multi-document interface for editing and viewing more than one RFID technology or barcode label at a time.
  • Thumbnail mode that includes actual data.
  • Range and On-Demand printing from manual entry or database output.Low volume barcode label printing can be achieved with one of our stand-alone printing modules that are included with the Loftware Label Manager. The Loftware Label Manager can also be used to design any type of RFID Smart Label in addition to barcode labels. However, a Loftware Print Server (LPS) is required to print these RFID Smart Labels. The Loftware Label Manager is included with the purchase of all versions of the Loftware Print Server so companies needing to both design and print RFID Smart Labels need only purchase the Loftware Print Server.