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Bar Code Label Software

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Bar Code Label Software

Bar coding is no longer a technology for high-tech organizations, but a user-friendly tool that can help all companies. The cost of scanners and the amount of required bar code software have declined to a point where almost anyone can justify implementation of a bar code system.
Bar code systems consist of two main components: the hardware (scanners and decoders)bar code software to process the information and interface with your existing business management software.
A few advantages of using Bar Code Software and Bar Code Hardware are:
  • Less Errors: bar code systems reduce the number of data entry errors. This has been proven in studies showing the typical error rate for manual data entry to be one error in 300 characters.
  • Time Savings: routine manual data entry for customer orders may take a few minutes, while entering this information via bar code can take just a few seconds.
  • Cost Savings: although there is an initial outlay for hardware and bar code software required to establish a bar code system, the investment will be recovered through improvements in accuracy, savings in time and greater operating efficiency.

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