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  • Keyboard (AT & PS/2 Compatible Interface. 1 & 2 Track MSR.) - Color: Beige.

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Unitech K2714 Description

Unitech's K2714 POS Keyboard is your data entry solution for Point fo Sale, kiosks, banking and financial applications.

To minimize costs generated by training and operating errors, we added 21 relengedable keys that support adding color, icons and text, reducing the learning time and costly typing errors. Furthermore, the Unitech K2714 ships with our Windows based Keyboard Configuration Manager, which simplifies configuration and provides Data Editing functions to customize output. All this with a few clicks.

The Unitech K2714 POS Keyboard features a rugged, space-saving design ideal for a wide range of environments. It incorporates a built-in, dual-track Magnetic Stripe Reader, 104 keys including Windows Start and Properties keys. Its spill resistant construction guarantees an extended life cycle.

  • Rugged, durable design.
  • Spill resistant.
  • Small footprint.
  • Built-in Magnetic Stripe Reader.
  • Windows compatible.
  • Good read LED.
  • 21 relegendable keys.
  • Unitech K2714 Specifications

    Unitech K2714 Specifications

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