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Point of Sale Keyboards

Below is a list of our Point of Sale Keyboards partners. Please click a logo to view each manufacturer's products. Or you can read more about the type of keyboards and their applications.

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About Point of Sale Keyboards

Point of Sale Keyboards are designed with increased programmability, a smaller footprint, and inexpensive prices. A properly integrated POS keyboard should make the learning curve for employees and the POS transaction process faster.
  • More Programmable: Vendors offer programmable touchpad keyboards with a "one button" key feature that can change the keyboard functions in seconds. For example, a restaurant changes its menu from breakfast to lunch with the touch of a button, the keyboard configuration changes the keyboard to match the lunch menu.
  • More Intuitive: In the POS retail market there is high employee turnover. Employers want a keyboard that will be easily adopted by new employees.
  • Smaller Footprint: New POS keyboards are much more compact than their predecessors, occupying much less counterspace. Dimensions are typically 7.5" wide by 17" long and sometimes even smaller.
  • Cheaper Price: POS keyboards' primary competition are touch screens.

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