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Cherry G84-4700 Point of Sale Keyboards

Cherry G84-4700

  • Cherry G84-4700 (Part# G84-4700LUCUS-0)
  • Cherry G84-4700 (Part# G84-4700LUCUS-0)

    General Purpose Keyboard (USB Interface, Notebook Style 21-Key Numeric Keypad including 20 Programmable and 4 Relegendable Keys) - Color: Light Gray

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  • Cherry G84-4700 Description

    The Cherry G84-4700 has individually programmable keys. Whether for numerical inputs, controls or for frequent numeric entry - this programmable keyboard is the ideal accessory for notebooks. All keys can be user-defined with up to 24 characters per key.

    Additional Advantages & Strengths of the Cherry G84-4700:

  • Mechanical keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (Cherry ML Modules)
  • Designed for continuous use more than 20 Mio. key presses
  • Robust and reliable with precise key actuation
  • Numeric keypad with 21 keys, 4 individually relegendable function keys
  • Variable decimal separators [.], [,], [00], [000]
  • Suitable for right- and left-handed users
  • Additional programming of software macros with powerful configuration software 'CHERRY Tools'
  • Usable with standard drivers of the operating system
  • Can be used with the standard drivers of the operating system