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Citizen CT-S801 Type II Receipt Printers

Citizen CT-S801 Type II
  • High-Speed & Durable, POS Thermal Printer.
  • Print Method - Plug & Play, Direct Thermal printing.
  • Print Resolution - 203 DPI(dots per inch).
  • Paper Width - up to 3.25 inches.
  • Warranty - 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

  • Click the following link to view the Citizen CT-S801 Type II Specifications
  • Citizen CT-S801 Type II Description

    With a print speed of 300mm/sec, the Citizen CT-S801 Type II originally set the standard for high speed POS printing and is still among the fastest machines in its class.

    Offering a top paper exit for retail applications, the CT-S801 Type II has an advanced, two-color backlit LCD, ensuring quick setup and total control of all print functions. Full error checking, with simple messages and on-screen help make operation fast and efficient - a benefit that is extended still further through features such as a soft-close cover and the self-retracting snap-in cutter.

    Addtional Strengths & Advantages of the Citizen CT-S801 Type II:

  • 300mm / sec high-speed printing
  • 82,5/80/60/58 mm selectable paper width
  • Easy paper loading
  • Auto retracting Cutter (full/partial)
  • Snap-in cutter
  • LCD display
  • Built-in buzzer
  • Top paper exit
  • Paper roll capacity 83mm
  • Exchangeable interface cards
  • RJ-45 port
  • Built-in AC adaptor
  • Cash drawer kick-out
  • Bitmap registration (NV memory)
  • Barcde printing
  • ESC/POS compatiblity
  • Page mode
  • Two color printing
  • Smoothing fonts
  • Availalbe in white, black or dark grey (option)
  • Driver: Win2000/XP/Vista/2003 Server, OPOS, Java POS, CUPS
  • Utility software: Printer customization software, Receipt Layout Designer

  • Also, the Citizen CT-S801 Type II comes with a 3-year Standard Warranty.