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ELO 3243L Touchscreens

ELO 3243L
ELO 3243L

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ELO E326202
ELO E326202
Intelli-Dual-Touch Technology. 3243L LCD 32-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitor with IntelliTouch Surface Acoustic Wave Dual Touch Technology, USB Controller, VGA & HDMI Video Inputs with RJ45 OSD Remote, Bezel, Clear Surface Treatment & Side-Mount L-Bracket, QIG (with Driver) and Power Supply included. Color: Black
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ELO E589724
ELO E589724
USB Connection with IntelliTouch Plus Touch Technology. 32-inch Open-Frame Touchmonitor with USB, VGA/HDMI, Full HD, LED Backlight & Power Supply included
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ELO E483757
ELO E483757 - OSD Remote
Remote On-Screen Display (OSD)
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ELO E378229
ELO E378229 - Replament Cable
Cable Kit for Replacement Cables
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ELO 3243L Description

The Elo Touch Solutions 3243L 32-inch full HD open-frame touchmonitor provides smooth dual-touch performance with IntelliTouch Plus surface acoustic wave technology. The 3243L touchmonitor is 2.3' in total thickness and less than 1' in border width. The new sleek mechanical design enables thinner and smaller kiosk design for various applications like retail, hotels, gaming, transportation and other commercial uses. The touch screen glass is tested with robust 'ball-drop' requirements supporting applications in demanding public access environments.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the ELO 3243L:

  • 1920 x 1080 full HD provides a bright, high contrast display with wide-view angle that easily attracts and holds the user's attention.
  • IntelliTouch Plus surface acoustic wave technology provides dual touch performance.
  • New sleek design: 2.3' total thickness; less than 1' borders; 30% less total weight - 27 lbs (12.3kg).
  • LED backlighting reduces power consumption by 60% and generates less heat than traditional CCFL backlights.
  • Commercial durability enabled with glass 'ball-drop'.
  • Multiple mounting options are available.
  • Worldwide agency approvals and a 3 year standard warranty.The ELO 3243L features a unique, injection-molded bezel with a virtually invisible water-resistant seal, making it a good choice for the rigors of public use. Narrow borders, multiple mounting options, and a USB touch interface add to the versatility of the 3243L.
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