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ELO 22CM2 Touchscreens


  • E335320
  • IntelliTouch Plus Touch Technology, Windows 7, 22C2 All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer, 1.66GHz Atom, Fanless Color: White

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  • E511174
  • AccuTouch Plus Touch Technology, No O/S, 22C2 All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer, 1.66GHz Atom, Fanless Color: Medical White

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  • E743053
  • iTouch, No O/S, 22C2 All-in-One Desktop Touchcomputer, 1.66GHz Atom, 2G RAM, Fanless, White

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In a stylish, compact design, the Elo TouchSystems 22CM2 provides highly configurable, ruggedized touchcomputers, in two screen sizes: 19-inch and 22-inch, plus the choice of industry-leading TE touchscreen technologies. The 22CM2 touchcomputer family has been developed to meet the needs of a wide variety of venues, including nursing stations, computer-aided therapy, electronic medical record keeping, paperless charting, patient self check-in/registration or point - of-information installations.

The ELO 22CM2 is compliant with multiple safety and electrical certifications including EN60601-1 for. In addition, the CM-Series is RoHS compliant, and includes an enclosure design that is resistant to dripping water with an IPX1 rating, protecting the unit from liquid drops and spills. As a result the 22CM2 is an excellent fit for a wide variety of settings, including healthcare.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the ELO 22CM2:

  • UL 60601-1, cUL CSA C22.2 No 601.1-M90, TUV (EN60601-1, IEC60601-1), CB (IEC60601-1) certified and IPX1 drip-proof ratings.
  • 19" and 22" HD wide-screen display options.
  • A choice of high performance CPU options.
  • PCI Express expansion capabilities.
  • Optional second VGA output port for an additional display.
  • Pole mount or stable stand and tilt display.
  • Three touchscreen technologies available:
    • - AccuTouch (zero-bezel resistive).
      - IntelliTouch Plus (multi-touch surface acoustic wave).
      - iTouch (zero-bezel surface acoustic wave).

    The ELO 22CM2 touchcomputers bring flexibility with your choice of configuration and connectivity, serviceability with easy access to key components, and a choice in processing power. In addition, an array of field-installable peripherals, spill-resistant sealing, and a selection of input/output port connection options make the 22CM2 both versatile and powerful. It is designed with the future in mind, allowing easy field serviceability or upgrades of all of the main components.

  • Click the following link to view the ELO 22CM2 Specifications