Star FVP-10 - Part# 37962200

37962200 - Star FVP-10

    USB & Cable Cover. FVP-10 Front Exit Thermal Printer with USB Interface/Connection, Cable Cover, Auto-Cutter, Internal Speaker, USB Cable & Power Supply. Also known as Part#: FVP-10U-WITH-CABLE-COVER. Color: Putty.

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Star FVP-10 - Part# 37962200 Highlights

  • Front Loading, Voice Enabled Platform Printer.
  • Print Method - Direct Thermal.
  • Print Resolution - 203 dots per inch(dpi).
  • Print Speed - Up to 9.84 Inches Per Second.
  • Print Width - from 1.95 in to 3.15 in Wide.
  • Warranty - 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Star FVP-10 - Part# 37962200 Product Description

The Star is designed to bring an array of benefits like front loading, onboard USB, receipt compression for paper saving and multiple mounting options due to its 'platform' design, combined with the high quality and high-speed printer performance that POS users have come to expect from Star.

Star Micronics has developed the to assist users who:
  • Have counter space challenges.
  • Require a splash and dust resistant printer.
  • Need to print a receipt as fast as possible to decrease customer wait time.
  • Want to communicate to staff and customers in a language they understand.

  • The Star features an ultra high print speed of 250mm/sec and front paper loading for easy paper roll changing. Its square design & front paper loading allow for it to be easily under-counter mounted or used as a platform to mount other devices. The can support up to 7 pounds of accessories on its top.

    Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Star :
  • Front Loading.
  • Under-the-Counter Mountable.
  • Platform Top Cover Increases Counter Space.
  • Splash-Proof (IPX1 Certified).
  • Voice Enabled Communication Tool.
  • Ultra High Speed Receipt Printing (250mm/sec).

  • Text to voice feature enables users to communicate important information with both staff and customers. For example, voice alerts to remind an operator to start a specific task can easily be programmed to be spoken before or after the print job.

    The Star comes in 3 Models:
  • Standard FVP-10USB and USB cable but no power supply.
  • The Platform FVP-10USB, USB Cable, Platform Extension and Power supply.
  • The Under the Counter FVP-10USB, USB Cable, Under the Counter Connecting Kit and Power Supply.

  • The Star comes with a 2-Year Limited Warranty, Plus Optional Extended Services Agreement Policies (Extend-A-Star and Swap-A-Star).

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    Star FVP-10 - Part# 37962200 Specifications

    Star FVP-10 Specifications

  • Click the following link to view the Star FVP-10 Specifications
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