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Zebra PS 2122

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Zebra PS 2122 Description

This flexible Zebra PS 2122 large capacity label and receipt print solution prints wherever and whenever needed.

The PS 2122 provides a stop-gap for the dynamically changing world of label printing. By providing a PS 2122 bar code label printer on wheels, the label printing can go to the job, instead of the job going to the printer.

A center-loading media, an intuitive handheld and battery life to last an entire 8-hour shift, the efficiency of mobile printing has been increased with the introduction of the PS 2122.

To increase printing productivity, the Zebra PS 2122 printer also has 5 mux ports that facilitates five employees scanning and printing all at once.

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Zebra PS 2122 Specifications

Zebra PS 2122 Specifications

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