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Honeywell PC45D Healthcare Barcode Printers

Honeywell PC45D Healthcare
Honeywell PC45D Healthcare Authorized Partner
  • Direct Thermal, Healthcare Barcode Printer.
  • Print Method - Direct Thermal - No Ribbons Required.
  • Print Resolution - 203 & 300 dots per inch(dpi) options.
  • Print Speed - up to 8 inches per second(ips) depending upon resolution.
  • Print Width - up to 4.25 in. depending upon resolution.
  • Enclosure - Disinfectant-Ready with Anti-Microbial Treatment.
  • Warranty - 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects.
The Honeywell PC45D Healthcare Barcode Printer is a 4-inch direct thermal desktop printer built for the Healthcare industry. Including powerful performance and reliable connectivity, whether through USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi 5 and a 2-Year Warranty against defects. Along with the disinfectant-ready printer housing, the Honeywell PC45D Healthcare is poised to handle the printing needs of the demanding healthcare work environment.

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Honeywell PC45D110000201
Honeywell PC45D110000201

203 DPI Direct Thermal USB Bluetooth Ethernet WiFi

Healthcare Display

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Honeywell PC45D Healthcare Description

Overview of the Honeywell PC45D Healthcare Barcode Printer

The Honeywell PC45D Healthcare Printer is an exceptional direct thermal desktop printer that has been specifically engineered for the healthcare sector. With its impressive performance, reliable connectivity, and straightforward integration, it proves to be a powerful tool in any healthcare setting. The printer's compact design is inspired by the well-established E-class and PC43 series, but with the added benefit of a disinfectant-ready housing perfect for maintaining hygiene in healthcare environments. Its large touchscreen and robust build are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of healthcare institutions.

Detailed Specifications of the PC45D Healthcare Printer

In terms of dimensions, the PC45D printer measures 168 mm in length, 181.3 mm in width, and 215.6 mm in height. It offers compatibility with a wide range of drivers such as the CUPS driver for Linux, Honeywell Device Types for SAP, Honeywell label design and print package, and InterDriver Windows printer driver. This printer is versatile and can be used to print packaging labels, receipts, and wristbands. The Honeywell Printer Edge software enhances the printer's capabilities, allowing users to make the most of it.

The printer is equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 5 to ensure constant productivity. It also boasts WLAN and optional WWAN connectivity for swift data capture. For easy maintenance, it comes with an optional low media and low ribbon enabled sensor and RFID. The printer supports various network protocols and multiple print languages for effortless integration. It also features Honeywell's Smart Parse technology for resizing objects, barcodes, or font types.

Printing Capabilities of the PC45D Printer

The PC45D printer delivers high-quality prints with resolutions of 203 dpi and 300 dpi, and a print speed of 8 ips. The printer employs the direct thermal print method and is compatible with direct thermal media. Its wireless communication is powered by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Derived from the proven E-class and PC43 series printers, the PC45 presents enhanced printing performance and improved software. It offers a large touchscreen, a robust build, and a variety of new design accessories to cater to different requirements. With Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2, the PC45 ensures uninterrupted productivity. Users can benefit from WLAN and optional WWAN connectivity for quick data capture, accelerating deployments. Its optional low media and low ribbon enabled sensor and RFID eliminate the guesswork in printer maintenance, thus reducing operational downtime.

The PC45 supports different network protocols and multiple print languages, facilitating easy integration and a smooth transition. The Smart Parse technology from Honeywell allows users to resize objects, barcodes, or font types without any need to access the system backend. Additionally, the Honeywell Operational Intelligence provides remote management capabilities for real-time diagnostics and output performance tracking.
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