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  • Click the following link to view the Topaz LinkSign LCD1X5 Specifications
  • Topaz LinkSign LCD1X5 Description

    The Topaz LinkSign LCD1X5 features all the benefits of Topaz electronic signatures plus the additional features of wireless capability and a pneumatic canister for drive-up teller applications. This system is patented under U.S. Patents: 7,526,108 and 7,123,143 and other Topaz patents. Unit comes bundled with Topaz software suite and compatible SigPlus software tools, for complete capture and binding of signature to data.

    The Topaz LinkSign LCD1X5 includes:

  • Wireless Signature Capture Pad
  • Pad Charging Power Adapter
  • 4 AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Base Unit (Model T-RFB100-P6B-R, sold separately)Includes:

  • Base Transceiver
  • Base Transceiver Power Adapter
  • Serial Communications CableThe Topaz LinkSign LCD1X5 comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty, with renewal option.