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Signature Capture Pads

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About Signature Capture Pads

Signature capture pads capture the handwritten signature electronically, eliminating dependency on paper, combating fraud, enabling automation, reducing costs and improving customer service.
  • Reduces paper - paperless environment eliminates the need to print. Using electronic signature capture, key elements and/or entire processes can be automated.
  • Improved detection of fraudulent signatures - traditional signature verification is down to the attendant/employee ‘eye balling’ the signature, performing their own visual comparison to existing records which can only provide two dimensional representations.
  • Reduce processing costs - signed documents (hard format) is labour intensive and lengthy, with the potential for errors ever increasing.
  • Faster transactions enables transactions to be performed quicker, but still benefit from automated built in processes, search criteria, security checks and verification checks.
  • Improved customer service automated signature solutions enable customer transactions to be completed quickly in an unalarming manner

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