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Unitech KP270

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  • KP270
  • Keyboard (AT & PS/2 Compatible Interface.) - Color: Beige.

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Unitech KP270 Description

The Unitech KP270 Programmable POS Keyboard can be fully customized, while retaining all the features from the Unitech KP270. In addition to 90 keys that allow relabeling and color-coding, the layout can be completely reassigned. This means any key can be moved to any position. Additionally, up to 24 keys can be programmed to hold a macro of 32 characters. Operators can learn quickly and prevent mistakes. There is no need to remember long key sequences that are software specific.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Unitech KP270:

  • Compact design, space saving design.
  • 24 programmable keys, 32 characters per key.
  • 90 relegendable keys.
  • 101 remappable keys.
  • Spill resistant construction.
  • Num-Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Prog. Macro LEDs.The Unitech KP270 also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
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    Unitech KP270 Specifications

    Unitech KP270 Specifications

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