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Cherry G85-23100 Description

The Cherry G85-23100 has extraordinary resilience. The Cherry G85-23100 is stylish, sturdy and makes little noise. Even fluids do not affect the functionality of the keyboard. You can begin working straightaway with no software.

Additional Advantages & Strengths of the Cherry G85-23100:

  • Spill resistant not sensitive to fluids
  • Plug & Play for easy commissioning with no software installation
  • Ultra-flat ergonomic top-design for fatigue-free work
  • 6 HotKeys for comfortable volume control and the most important Mediaplayer functions
  • Standard keyboard layout (including cursor and number block)
  • Includes adapter for PS/2 interface
  • GS approval
  • Distinguished with the Blaue Engel environmental label and AGR seal of approval for ergonomic, back-friendly work.The Cherry G85-23100 also comes with a Three-Year manufacturer warranty.