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Zebra EM 220 Portable Printers

Zebra EM 220

  • Zebra EM 220 (Part# W2A-0UB10010-00)
  • Zebra EM 220 (Part# W2A-0UB10010-00)

    Mobile Serial & USB Interfaces with Bluetooth Capability. 203 DPI Printer including 3-Track Mag Strip Reader & Power Supply.


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  • Zebra EM 220 Description

    The Zebra EM 220 mobile printer quickly and easily print receipts and other 2-inch-wide documents on demand.

    The pocket-sized EM 220 printer delivers powerful technology and easy-to-use features such as one-touch media loading, integrated card reader with one-touch access, large operational buttons and multiple LEDs.

    The EM 220 combines optional Bluetooth 2.0 wireless connectivity and magnetic card reader with straight forward operation for simple mobile printing and credit card transactions-making it easy to use and ideal for customer-facing environments.

    Additional benifits and features of the Zebra EM 220:

  • Size: The EM 220 is durable, pocket-sized and lightweight enough to wear for extended use-without sacrificing performance.
  • Efficiency: On-demand printing at the point of service can improve accuracy, workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Ease of Use: With one-touch media loading, one-touch integrated card reading, and only four buttons, the EM 220 requires minimal training.
  • Value: The value-priced EM 220 is a high-quality, cost-competitive solution for low-volume, 2-inch-wide printing needs.
  • Integration: The EM 220 is easy to integrate with existing systems. Its flexibility and ease of operation make it ideal for ticketing, event/concession receipt printing, meter reading, customs and road inspections, citations, field and service repairs, proof of delivery, parking lot claim checks and many other applications.This lightweight, ergonomically designed Zebra EM 220 printer with optional Bluetooth and magnetic card reader will enable you to accept credit cards at the point of service and within customer sight-improving accuracy, workforce efficiency, and customers' satisfaction and sense of security.

    Quickly and easily print receipts and other 2-inch-wide documents on demand with the ultra-small EM 220 mobile printer. Available with a variety of accessories, the EM 220 potable printer is a flexible solution for an array of needs. Backed by Zebra-brand reliability, service and support, the Zebra EM 220 printer provides high quality at a compelling price.