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When applications demand 15.24 cm (6 in) wide label printing, look to the high performance Intermec EasyCoder 601XP bar code printer. Exceptional print quality delivered at 225 mm/s (9 in/s) makes the EasyCoder 601XP ideal for rotated and wide format compliance labeling as well as chemical drum labeling and pick list printing, just to name a few.

The EasyCoder 601XP easily integrates into printer applications utilizing non-Intermec printers. Through Intermec's Fingerprint programming language, host-programming changes need not occur. The Intermec EasyCoder 601XP label, ticket & tag printer comes equipped with the Intermec Fingerprint printer language. The printer can be programmed to interpret and translate different device data streams through Fingerprint.

This all adds up to easier decision making when it comes to upgrading to newer and faster technology or replacing old antiquated technology. Fingerprint allows the printer to easily adapt to your existing system without reinvesting time and money in programming resources.

The EasyCoder 601XP is designed to make life for the operator simpler. The EasyCoder 601XP features an Open Web Path for quick loading of media and ribbon. The patented Magnet QuickMount printhead requires no tools and no technician for replacement.

The EasyCoder 601XP printer along with its 10 cm (4 in) wide counterpart— the EasyCoder 501XP—gives your business the options needed to keep one step ahead in this fast-paced world.