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Monarch 9416 Bar Code Printers

Monarch 9416

  • Monarch 9416 Description

    The Monarch 9416 Bar Code Printers are versatile and extremely compact Thanks to its size, the 9416 can practically fit in anywhere in your store.

    Flexibilty of the the 9416 printer, allows you to print labels, tags or receipts. Select from non-indexed, continuous, die cut, black mark, roll or fanfold, liner or linerless.

    Thanks to its leading edge processor, the 9416 printers can print up to 5 inches per second. Allowing employees the ability to print new labels or tags instantly, speeding returned merchandise back to the floor or returning it to the distribution center or vendor.

    The Monarch 9416 printer may be small, but it has 2Mb of RAM and 1Mb of flash of memory. With more memory to work with, print jobs go faster, increasing productivity. If this standard memory still isnít enough, memory upgrade options are available in increments of 2Mb, 4Mb, 6Mb and 8Mb. PC software to create a format and print is included.