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Zebra MC75A HF RFID Mobile Computers

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Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant (MC75A HF, RFID, QWERTY Keypad)
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Wireless Enterprise Digital Assistant (MC75A HF, RFID, Numeric Keypad)
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Zebra MC75A HF RFID Description

The Motorola MC75A HF RFID takes its place as one of the world's most proven premier mobile computers, with more features and functionality than any other device in its class. The Motorola MC75A HF RFID starts with all the features and the same rugged design of the MC75A and adds an integrated HF RFID reader/writer for NFC contactless communication.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola MC75A HF RFID:

  • Enable nFC communications and global closed-loop transactions and payments: supports MIFARETM, FeliCa and Calypso (ISO 14443-A/B).
  • Capture virtually any type of business data: read HF RFID tags, scan any barcode, take a picture or a video or capture location data with the very latest in technology with Motorola MAX Data Capture.
  • 6 devices in 1: HF RFID reader/writer, 3.5G world mobile phone, mobile computer, barcode scanner and imager, high resolution digital camera and GPS all-in-one device substantially reduces the volume of devices you need to purchase and manage.
  • Cost-effective deployment of HF-based RFiD applications: use the MC70/MC75 accessories you already own.
  • Maximum reliability: Motorola's signature rugged specifications for drop, tumble and sealing ensure reliable everyday operation.
  • Maximum security: get government grade certified security support with the most advanced encryption and authentication protocols; high-performance Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable compliance with the toughest industry regulations, such as PCI and HIPAA.
  • Maximum power: the most robust processing platform for blazing application performance.
  • True enterprise class motion sensing: dynamic screen rotation and better management of battery power with Motorola MAX Sensor.
  • Unparalleled voice functionality and interoperability: Motorola MAX Voice includes Motorola's Integrated Voice Solutions (IVS) for instant push-to-talk communications with other Motorola mobile devices; the ability to function as a deskphone, complete with 4 digit extension dialing and all deskphone features; and more.
  • More gPS coverage in more areas: best-in-class Motorola MAX GPS delivers a faster and more accurate position, even in areas with a weak signal.
  • The most advanced display technology: PenTile 'RGBW' technology adds a white pixel to the traditional red, green and blue for richer, crisper text and graphics that are easier to read.
  • Easy and low-cost device management: works with Motorola's leading management software, Mobility Software Platform (MSP).
  • The most accessories: expands device functionality, protects your investment and minimizes total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage: get all- inclusive end-to-end protection against the unexpected (optional).The Motorola MC75A HF RFID is the right contactless mobile solution for: public transportation, parks and event ticketing where closed-loop NFC transactions and payments can be processed; identity and access control with RFID-enabled cards, documents and passports; and asset tracking.

    The Motorola MC75A HF RFID also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
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