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Zebra MC3190-Z RFID Mobile Computers

Zebra MC3190-Z RFID
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Zebra MC319Z-GI4H24E0G
Zebra MC319Z-GI4H24E0G
- TERM, RF, 2D, 48-Key, CLR, 256/1G, WM6.5, TAA, US)

2D Scan

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Zebra MC319Z-GI4H24E0W
Zebra MC319Z-GI4H24E0W
- Mobile Computer (802.11a-b-g, Bluetooth, 2D, 256MB/1GB, WM6.5)

2D Scan Bluetooth

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Zebra MC319Z-GL4H24E0W
Zebra MC319Z-GL4H24E0W
- Mobile Computer (802.11a-b-g, Bluetooth, 1D, 256MB/1GB, WM6.5)

1D Scan Bluetooth

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Zebra MC3190-Z RFID Description

The Motorola MC3190-Z RFID represents another RFID first from Motorola - the first business-class handheld RFID reader designed specifically to extend RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer facing and business environments. This highly versatile device is at home in the retail storefront, the carpeted business office and hospitals as well as the warehouse and manufacturing production line. The Motorola MC3190-Z RFID starts with the same signature rugged design and high performance found in all Motorola industrial handheld RFID products, and adds the ergonomics required for all day comfort and ease of use. At just half the weight of its industrial counterparts, the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID is the lightest UHF RFID rugged handheld reader on the market - period. Its well-balanced, gun-style grip brings comfort to the most read-intensive applications. And the advanced, high efficiency Motorola RFID reader engine increases workforce productivity with faster read rates that increase throughput.

Until now, enterprises have been forced to choose between two types of antennas: linear polarization for a longer read range or circular polarization for wider coverage. The Motorola MC3190-Z RFID antenna combines the advantages of these two technologies into a patented omnidirectional antenna that offers the best of both worlds - a superior read range and superior coverage area. The orientation insensitive antenna delivers extraordinary reliability and there's no need to precisely align the reader with the tag. As a result, workers can accurately and rapidly capture RFID tags on even the most challenging items - from a pile of clothing in a retail store or a box of files in the office to a shelf full of data tapes in the data center.

The Motorola MC3190-Z RFID offers the best of form and function with Motorola MAX Rugged and Motorola MAX Data Capture. While the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID is designed for the carpeted space, Motorola MAX Rugged provides Motorola's flagship rugged specifications to ensure dependable operation and a maximum lifecycle in any environment. The reader passes one of the industry's most stringent impact tests, able to survive a 4 ft./1.2 m drop to concrete across the entire operating temperature range. In our unique endurance test, the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID performs reliably after 1,000 1.64 ft./0.5m hits in our tumble drum. And with IP54 sealing, the device can withstand dust, spills and the routine wipedowns required in healthcare and other challenging environments. Motorola MAX Data Capture puts two best-in-class advanced data capture technologies in one device - the ability to read RFID tags and scan barcodes. This versatility translates into fewer devices to purchase and manage. And just because the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID offers advanced RFID technology does not mean you need to sacrifice barcode performance. The device accurately captures even damaged and poor quality 1D barcodes.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID:

  • Supports regions based on European RFID frequencies (ETSI EN 302-208) and US RFID frequencies.
  • Delivers advanced, high efficiency read performance for faster read rates and higher throughput.
  • Orientation insensitive design eliminates the need to align reader and tag for faster and more accurate reads.
  • A unique combination of intuitive audible and visual cues easily guides workers to a specific item.
  • Built on the proven, widely adopted MC3100 platform.
  • Rapid and cost-effective application development.
  • FIPS 140-2 certification and support for the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including sensitive government applications.
  • Built for all day enterprise use; provides dependable operation despite the inevitable drops and spills; provides extended lifecycle; withstands wipe downs.
  • Offers exceptional RFID and barcode scanning functionality in a single device; eliminates the need to purchase two devices, reducing capital and operational costs.Until now, RFID handheld readers identified the general proximity of an item - for example, a shelf. The Motorola MC3190-Z RFID offers a unique combination of intuitive audible and visual cues to quickly guide a worker to the location of any desired item. As the device moves closer to a specific item, a tone beeps louder and faster, while a sliding graphical bar increases in size. The result? Employees can rapidly locate any individual item, regardless of where it may be, faster and easier than ever before.

    When you choose the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID, you enjoy the advantages of a world-class partner channel, world-class management solutions and world-class services. Our award- winning partner ecosystem offers a best-in-class, broad set of ready-to-go and custom applications for the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID, minimizing deployment time and cost. Compatibility with Motorola's Mobility Services Platform (MSP) and the Motorola Mobility Suite offers extraordinary centralized control over all your Motorola devices, including the ability to remotely stage, provision, monitor, troubleshoot, secure data on the devices and much more. And since your employees will count on the Motorola MC3190-Z RFID every day, our Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage will help keep your devices up and running at peak performance. This unique service includes normal wear and tear, as well as coverage for internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage at no additional charge - significantly reducing your unforeseen repair expenses.

    The Motorola MC3190-Z RFID also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
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