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Zebra DS6707-HD Barcode Scanners

Zebra DS6707-HD
Zebra DS6707-HD Authorized Partner
  • The Zebra DS6707-HD has been Upgraded and the Direct Replacement is the Zebra DS8108-SR.
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Zebra DS6707-HD20001ZZR
Zebra DS6707-HD20001ZZR
Scanner Only - RS232 & USB Interface with High Density Scan Engine. Cable and Power Supply for RS232 connection not included - please see options. Color: White.
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Zebra DS6707-HD20001ZZR-KIT
Zebra DS6707-HD20001ZZR-KIT
USB - Ready-to-Go Kit. Scanner with High Density Scan capability & USB Cable included. Color: White.
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Zebra DS6707-HD20007ZZR
Zebra DS6707-HD20007ZZR
Scanner Only - RS232 & USB Interface with High Density Scan Engine. Cable and Power Supply for RS232 connection not included - please see options. Color: Black.
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Zebra DS6707-HD20007ZZR-KIT
Zebra DS6707-HD20007ZZR-KIT
USB - Ready-to-Go Kit. Scanner with High Density capability & USB Cable included. Color: Black.
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Zebra CBA-U01-S07ZAR
Zebra CBA-U01-S07ZAR Cable
USB Cable (Straight 7ft. USB Cable for the DS6707-HD.
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Zebra 20-66483-01R
Zebra 20-66483-01R Stand
Intellistand (Hands free stand for the DS6707-HD. Color: White
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Zebra 20-66483-01R
Zebra 20-66483-01R Stand
Intellistand (Hands free stand for the DS6707-HD. Color: Black
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Zebra 50-14000-058R
Zebra 50-14000-058R Power Supply
Power Supply (110V Power Supply for the DS6707-HD.
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Zebra CBA-K01-S07PA
Zebra CBA-K01-S07PA Cable
PS/2 Cable (Straight 7ft. PS/2 Cable for the DS6707-HD.
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Zebra CBA-R01-S07PAR
Zebra CBA-R01-S07PAR Cable
RS232 Cable (Straight 7ft. DB9F Cable for the DS6707-HD.
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Zebra DS6707-HD Description

The affordable Motorola DS6707-HD brings a new efficiency to electronic component manufacturing by enabling the automated capture of virtually every type of barcode utilized in electronics manufacturing.

The DS6707-HD supports the complete set of high density marks common in electronics manufacturing environments, including laser etched, ink marked, chemical etched and inkjet barcodes. Tuned to address the unique challenges in electronics component assembly, the DS6707-HD scanner is optimized to accurately capture high density and low contrast marks, including black barcodes on white backgrounds; white barcodes on black backgrounds; and etched barcodes with a very low contrast tone-on-tone effect - where there is very little difference in color between the mark and the background material on which it is printed.

In addition to direct part marks, the versatile Motorola DS6707-HD offers support for 1D and 2D barcodes, enabling workers to scan barcodes that are printed directly on the electronic assembly as well as paper labels - with just one device. In addition, workers can easily document damaged components or assemblies in seconds with the integrated high resolution 1.3 megapixel image sensor.

Additional strengths and advantages for the Motorola DS6707-HD:
  • 1.3 Megapixel imaging (1280 x 1024): High resolution image sensor for robust image capture and barcode scanning; captures 1D barcodes down to 3 mil density and 2D barcodes down to 2mm x 2mm and as dense as 4 mils.
  • Support for 1D, PDF, postal and 2D symbologies: Delivers application flexibility; eliminates need for multiple devices and associated costs.
  • RSM (Remote Scanner Management) Ready: Reduces total cost of ownership by enabling remote, network-based device management.
  • Integrated viewfinder: Enables first time accurate aiming for image capture.
  • 6 ft. drop specification, tempered glass exit window: Designed to endure the rigors of everyday use for maximum reliability and uptimes; reduces downtime and TCO.
  • Multiple on-board interfaces; universal cable compatible: Easy to install; future-proof - today's cradle can connect to tomorrow's host.The easy-to-use DS6707-HD requires virtually no training - regardless of whether your workers are decoding a barcode or capturing an image. The omni-directional scan pattern allows marks to be presented at any angle. A viewfinder provides true first-time accurate point-and-shoot aiming for image capture. And the optional Intellistand provides the ability to dynamically switch between handheld and hands-free modes as needed, providing maximum application flexibility.

    The rich functionality of the Motorola DS6707-HD significantly reduces capital and operational expenses. Enterprises can standardize on a single device for the capture of multiple data types - including challenging direct part marks and dirty or damaged barcodes. The technology infrastructure is simplified and there is no need to purchase, manage and support additional devices, such as digital cameras and separate barcode scanners for different symbologies.

    Motorola offers Service from the Start Advance Exchange Support for the Motorola DS6707-HD. This multi-year agreement helps protect product uptime with next-business-day delivery of a replacement device. In addition, this service includes Motorola's unique Comprehensive Coverage, which includes normal wear and tear as well as coverage for internal and external components damaged through accidental breakage at no additional charge significantly reducing your unforeseen repair expenses.
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