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  • Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal Description

    Use the Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal to set your workers' hands free to increase productivity and eliminate errors in your warehouse or distribution center with next generation hands-free voice applications. If your workers are handling packages in a parcel and post sortation facility or moving materials in, through and out of the warehouse, give them powerful voice-directed applications that will let them get the job done faster and right in every inch of your warehouse - including the freezer. With the Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal on the arm or hip of your workers, voice direction can walk them through their tasks, so they can keep their hands and eyes on the items they are moving. Workers can count on crystal clear voice quality. Voice-directed applications are highly intuitive, so there is very little training required. And applications are easily delivered in the native language of your workers.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal:

  • Easy-to-use rugged tool for voice-directed applications.
  • Award-winning ergonomic design increases user comfort and productivity.
  • Best-in-class dual core processor provides the power to run virtually any enterprise application.
  • Easily connects to existing WLAN for fast integration; 802.11n and support for advanced Motorola Solutions' WLAN features greatly improves WLAN bandwidth, performance and reliability for improved voice performance.
  • Designed to operate across a wide temperature range ensures operation in virtually all environments of the warehouse, including -4 degrees F/ -20 degrees C (-22 degrees F/-30 degrees C with freezer pouch).
  • Easy to develop and deploy feature-rich voice- directed applications.
  • Just scan the bar code printed on the WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal for split second pairing of any Bluetooth accessory.
  • Maximizes uptime and ensures dependable operation in demanding environments, including cold storage; reduces device replacement costs.
  • Robust support for the latest security protocols keeps your data safe.
  • Easily expand functionality with robust bar code scanning for superior future proofing and investment protection.
  • Provides an end-to-end cost-effective and complete voice-directed platform.
  • Centrally manage your Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal wearable computers as well as all other Motorola Solutions and third party mobile devices in use in your business with Motorola Solutions mobility Services platform (MSP).
  • Supports PTT capability, allowing users to reach and be reached at the press of a single button, improving collaboration and responsiveness.The Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal offers the most power of any device in its class, with a dual core processor and an operating system that can take advantage of both processors - the latest Microsoft mobile operating system, Windows embedded Compact 7. Combined with 2Gb Flash memory and support for 802.11a/b/g/n wireless lANs, the device delivers the processing power and network throughput required to deliver consistent, lightning-fast application performance and reliability.

    Create highly intuitive and easy-to-use voice-directed applications with support for voice recognition and text-to-speech engines. a new built-in microphone eliminates the need for a headset, reducing the costs of voice-directed applications. and the ability to simultaneously support multiple audio sources greatly enriches functionality. For example, an associate in training can use a wired headset for voice picking, while a supervisor standing near the trainee can listen in via a Bluetooth headset.

    Our ring scanner family is worn on fingers, leaving hands free to handle materials and boosting productivity in the most scan intensive applications. Our rugged yet highly-cost effective cabled headset provides crystal clear voice in the noisiest and most demanding environments.

    With a Bluetooth pairing bar code printed directly on the Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal, users can pair Bluetooth accessories with a single scan. as a result, users can easily and rapidly customize the Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal with the accessories they need at the start of a shift, adding a ring-style scanner in just seconds.

    A drop and tumble test plus an IP sealing rating provide true peace of mind - you can count on reliable operation even if workers drop, bump or spill liquid on the Motorola WT41N0 VOW Voice Only Wearable Terminal. Stainless steel connectors and an improved coating on the rear cleat eliminate corrosion and increase durability at accessory attachment points. The result is superior uptime, a rapid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.