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  • Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage Description

    The Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage meeds the the deamnds of a shift in a cold environment - make it more productive with a hand-held purpose-built to get more done in the cold. Light enough for scan-intensive picking, yet able to operate in extremely cold environments, the Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage rugged hand-held computer, the successor to the MX7CS, takes cold chain computing leadership and turbocharges it with a fast PXA 320 processor running available Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 or CE 6.0 operating system.

    The Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage provides enhanced performance without sacrificing any of its field-proven features. Designed with low-temperature batteries and specialized heated screens, the Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage moves from the freezer to the dock and back again condensation-free - even in the hot summer months. Backlit keys and a brilliant display aid visibility in dark corners. And the Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage never needs a desiccant pack or heated boot battery changeout - maximizing your productivity all year round. Enterprises can customize the Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage to fit their users and processes, with complete backward compatibility with our MX7CS accessory portfolio.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage:

  • Better User Experience: Large keys ideal for gloved hands; bright defroster screens go from outdoor dock to dark freezer without condensation.
  • All-Around: Fits end user needs as a hand-held or vehicle-mount computer, with a 55 or 32 key backlit keypad, ToughTalk technology, and a specialized combination of advanced audio circuitry and noise- canceling features.
  • Rugged: Reduces downtime and lowers the total cost of ownership with an IP65-rated design that withstands multiple 6 foot drops to concrete and offers a cold-storage configuration.
  • Adaptus Imaging Technology: Reads linear and 2D bar codes, captures digital images, and enables electronic signature capture - allowing workers to do more with a single device.
  • Fast and Reliable Wireless Connectivity: Delivers full wireless coverage for applications inside and outside of the four walls, allowing real-time access to critical data.
  • Worry-Free Service Programs: Offers comprehensive, hassle-free protection on the device investment for up to five years after purchase, lowering the total cost of ownership.
  • Remote MasterMind Ready: Reduces total cost of ownership by providing a turnkey remote device management solution that easily manages and tracks usage of installed devices.It's the foundation of the supply chain, and it moves quickly in the cold. The Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage, only from Honeywell.

    The Honeywell Tecton Cold Storage also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.