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Socket SoMo 650-M Mobile Computers

Socket SoMo 650-M

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  • Socket SoMo 650-M Description

    Every day more businesses are finding substantial benefits to automating their mobile business proceses and data collection activities. Until now, the complexity of configuring and deploying a mobile business system held many back from taking advantage of these benefits. With the Socket SoMo 650-M handheld computer and the broad range of pre-tested and configured peripherals from Socket Mobile, many of the risks and complexities of mobile deployment have been eliminated. With over 18 years of providing mobile peripheral devices to business, working with the world leaders in mobile computing, Socket has the knowledge and experience to make your mobile deployment a success.

    The SoMo 650-M is designed for Business Mobility applications including: patient care, hospitality, sales force automation, inventory management, merchandising and asset management. Featuring a contoured grip surface, the SoMo 650-M is an ergonomically designed, lightweight, easy to use Windows Mobile powered computer.

    Additional Features and Advantages of the Socket SoMo 650-M:

  • EasyView display is bright, clear, easy to read.
  • High quality aution input and output speaker for use in business environments.
  • Dual LED indicators for status of charging and wireless functions.
  • Hard capped buttons for ease of use, long life.
  • Light weight, ergonomically designed for easy handling.
  • Complete line of accessories to fit many application requirements.
  • Side mounted software programmable action buttons for better user control.
  • Separate charge connection for easy out-of-dock charging.
  • Control hold switch to prevent accidental button input with configuration software.
  • Stereo headset connection for privacy or high noise environments.
  • Recessed power switch to extend battery life and prevent accidental power-on/off.
  • Full size stylus for ease of use and integrated stylus storage for better retention, convenience.The Socket SoMo 650-M provides reinforced CompactFlash and Secure Digital I/O slots to take full advantage of slot based peripherals and protect the computer from the day-to-day impacts of a business mobility deployment. The SoMo 650-M includes a true business class implementation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless networking, and is Cisco CCX 4.0 certified* for secure connections, great coverage and advanced features such as Voice over IP communications.

    The Socket SoMo 650-M is part of a complete mobile business system including a variety of peripheral devices for barcode scanning, RFID and a number of application specific connectivity options. Socket completes the picture by offering a full line of accessories to assure that the SoMo 650-M fits perfectly into your application environment. Socket has created pre-configured bundles of system elements targeted to specific application environments. These configurations are completely integrated and tested to assure worry-free deployment. With preconfigured Socket systems, you will achieve a faster return on your investment and experience smoother deployments.