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Datamax S Class Bar Code Printers

Datamax S Class

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  • Datamax S Class Description

    The Datamax S Class ticket printers are world renown for their continued service and reliability. It is no coincidence that the S Class printers last so long; they were engineered with simplicity and reliability in mind. The S Class is designed to provide customers with the highest level of reliability utilizing all metal construction, ruggedized components and durable thermal printing technology.

    The Datamax S Class ticket printers are available in two basic models, the ST and SV, to support horizontal and vertical ticket orientations.

    The Datamax ST printer sets on the countertop and contains the ticket stock within its locking cabinet. The printed ticket is delivered horizontally from the front of the printer.

    The Datamax SV printer drops into the countertop and sets flat with the countertop. It pulls the ticket stock from an open area beneath the counter, and delivers the printed ticket vertically out of the top of the counter.

    The top hinged cover of the ST model allows for full and easy access into the media cabinet. The SV model drops right into the counter and is fully accessible from beneath the counter and has virtually no capacity limitation because it pulls the tickets directly from under the counter.

    Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Datamax S Class:
  • Thermal Printing Technology: The S-Class utilize direct thermal printing to provide the very best barcode printing reliability as possible.
  • Industrial Grade Design: The industrial grade design is simple and utilizes strong durable materials.
  • Heavy Duty Construction: The construction is made up of heavy duty steal cabinets and framework.
  • Reliability Proven Thermal Printing Technology: Every component of the S-Class is designed to provide the very best in class reliability.
  • Available in counter-top (ST) and under- counter models (SV): The two variations allow the printer to adapt to any ticketing application.
  • Easy to Use Interface: The three button user interface and status indicators are both simple and easy for anyone to use.
  • Easy Ticket Loading: Ticket loading is a snap with the quick release and auto loading mechanism.
  • High Resolution: Both the ST and SV are available in high resolution 300dpi for high resolution printing applications.The S-Class is designed and built to last in the most demanding environments. The S-Class features are driven to provide reliable ticket printing that is both easy to use and adapts to any ticketing application. The feature combinations of a solid design, strong materials, and thermal printing technology make the S-Class the ideal choice for a reliable ticket printing solution.