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Motorola MC17 Mobile Computers

Motorola MC17

  • Motorola MC17 Description

    Achieve revolutionary customer service excellence and associate productivity with the Motorola MC17 wireless Retail Mobile Computer. The MC17 delivers a new level of service excellence for customers and a new level of productivity and efficiency for associates.

    Empower your shoppers with the ability to scan items for a more rapid checkout process; check pricing while they shop; locate complementary items; access personalized promotions; create gift and wish lists and more - all at the press of a few buttons.

    This multi-purpose MC17 device is also designed to provide associates with the tools needed to answer customer questions on the spot, streamline and error-proof inventory management - from shelf replenishment to markdowns - and line bust to reduce wait times at the checkout stands.

    By capturing information on customers and their buying preferences in real time, the Motorola MC17 turns each visit into actionable business intelligence. Retailers can easily deliver store promotions, personalized coupons and product information for cross-sell opportunities. In addition, the quick scan of a loyalty card allows retailers to identify the customer and present real-time special offers and discounts based on a wide variety of criteria, including dollar amount spent over a given period of time. As a result,retailers can forge a more sophisticated and valuable relationship with customers, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty - and sales.

    Additional Benefits and Advantages of the Motorola MC17:
  • Windows CE 5.0 Professional: Standard and familiar tool set for rapid application development.
  • Full Internet Explorer 6.0: Familiar platform for Webenabled applications; familiar interface for customers and associates eliminates the need for training.
  • Integrated Motorola PocketBrowser: Dramatically simplifies development of complex Web-based solutions that integrate advanced functionality such as bar code scanning, wireless connectivity and mobile printing.
  • Java PSS framework: Enables development and integration with the POS systems of today and tomorrow.
  • Enterprise durability: Built to endure everyday drops for reliable operation, maximum uptime and investment protection.
  • Six-key intuitive interface: Easy to use - even for first time users.
  • Sleek design: Easy to hold; minimizes user fatigue.
  • 320x240 QVGA color display: Enables rich content delivery for an enhanced customer experience; expands the world of potential applications and data entry options.
  • 802.11a/b/g: Provides wireless freedom for your customers and instant access to information for store associates; industry standard wireless networking ensures ease of interoperability in multi-vendor environments.
  • Large capacity battery: Provides up to eight hours of continuous operation (with proper power management).
  • Motorola Mobility Services Platform compatibility (MSP 3.2): Reduces cost, complexity, and effort associated with device management.
  • Customizable top cover: Professional branding reminds customers of your competitive identity and provides an additional revenue stream for promotional opportunities for manufacturers.Both models in the series, the MC17A and the MC17T, offer the same intuitive interface, a large QVGA color screen to support the display of rich multimedia, and comfort as well as durability - the ergonomic design is built to withstand the inevitable everyday accidental drops and spills. Both devices offer wireless freedom with 802.11a/b/g support for expanded compatibility and flexibility in noisy wireless environments.

    The Motorola MC17A is ideal for basic customer and associate applications, while the Motorola MC17T adds a touchscreen, a faster processor and additional memory, allowing more sophisticated applications and data entry capabilities.

    The standards-based familiar development tools and operating system enable the rapid and cost-effective deployment of the Motorola MC17 Series. Compatibility with Motorola's Mobility Services Platform allows IT to centrally and remotely stage, provision, monitor and troubleshoot devices, all from a centralized location. As Well as the ability to deploy a single device for customer and associate use simplifies the mobility architecture and reduces the demand on IT - there are fewer device types to purchase and manage.