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Symbol LS 4008i Bar Code Scanners

Symbol LS 4008i

  • Symbol LS 4008i Description

    The LS 4008i offers a complete scanning and on-board connectivity set, making it the perfect scanner for a wide variety of retail and commercial applications—from small neighborhood businesses to major retailers and corporations.

    LS 4008i scanners can be used anywhere where efficiency needs to be improved through the use of bar code data capture.
  • In retail environments, the LS 4008i is ideal for applications such as point-of-sale scanning, price markdowns and verifications, and in-store inventory management for warehouse clubs, mass merchandisers, and department, grocery, and specialty stores.
  • In warehouse and manufacturing environments, the LS 4008i improves productivity and accuracy in shipping and receiving by streamlining inventory management, assembly lines and document tracking processes.
  • The healthcare industry benefits from more efficient tracking of patient information, management of medical inventory, and more.Being a leader in the industry, Symbol has added the 5-Year Plus Warranty to the LS 4008i Series. The 5-Year Plus program will warrant the products against manufacturer defects and includes an unprecedented limited lifetime warranty on the Mylar scan element.