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  • Motorola EP10 Description

    The Motorola EP10 was built understanding that today's business pressures can be tough. Boosting service levels at all points of contact is essential, meaning field workers need fast, reliable access to complex applications. Consumer-grade smartphones can't cope. The Motorola EP10 delivers all the performance and durability of a full-sized rugged handheld - without the costs or bulk.

    Since 1980, adaptive ingenuity has been hard-wired into everything we've ever built. Today, nothing has changed - it's what pushes us to innovate mobile computing solutions that transform the way businesses work.

    The Motorola EP10 is built on the same core technology that powers the Omnii family. This means the Motorola EP10 boasts an extensive set of features that help customers minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and reduce costs in the long-term - enabling businesses to work harder and smarter in the field.

    Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Motorola EP10:

  • Compact Form Factor - Size, form factor and ergonomics are all Motorola EP10 strengths. Weighing only 345g in a durable case, the Motorola EP10 is light and well-balanced in the hand and it's just as easy to pocket as it is to use. It also features a backlit keypad that is designed for ambidextrous, one-handed operation.
  • Full-Sized Features - Although small, the Motorola EP10 is still big on features. Delivering full phone functionality, the EP10 comes with an integrated 3.2MP camera, onboard scanning which speeds up data collection with its 2D omni-directional imager, and both standard and high capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery options providing power for an entire shift. There is even an option for a multi-protocol HF RFID reader.
  • Ultimate Wireless - Dedicated radio designs give the Motorola EP10 total flexibility and quicker data transfer across all applications. The EP10 supports the latest mobile communication standards including CDMA (EVDO rev A) or GSM (UMTS 3.8G HSPA+), GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Optimal Viewing Experience - The Motorola EP10 boasts a large, high-resolution 3.7" VGA color transflective display as well as an integrated touch-screen that can be operated by finger or passive stylus. The display has been designed to be sunlight readable by day and backlit for darker conditions.
  • Smart Sensors - The Motorola EP10's built-in interactive sensors enable mobile employees to work smarter with its context-aware computing. It is packed with everything from proximity and light sensors to an accelerometer, gyroscope, digital compass and GPS, allowing for automatic backlighting, screen rotation and accurate data geo-tagging capabilities.The Motorola EP10 features industry-leading power. Built with the Texas Instruments AM3715 Sitara ARM microprocessor, the Motorola EP10 delivers benchmark performance with an 800 MHz clock speed and ultra-fast 1375 Drystone MIPS. Its superscalar architecture allows for more efficient computational logic, and its 256 RAM / 2 GB Flash memory provides better support when running multiple applications simultaneously.

    The Motorola EP10 also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.