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Citizen CL-S6621XL Barcode Printers

Citizen CL-S6621XL
Citizen CL-S6621XL
  • 6 Inch, Front-Exit, Barcode Label Printer.
  • Print Method - Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal capability.
  • Print Resolution - 203 dots per inch(dpi).
  • Print Speed - up to 6 inches per second(ips).
  • Print Width - up to 6 in.
  • Warranty - 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty against defects.

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Citizen CL-S6621XL Description

Citizen CL-S6621XL Label Printer: High-Volume, Reliable, and Efficient

Introducing the groundbreaking 6-inch Citizen CL-S6621XL label printer, setting a new standard for desktop machines. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this printer is the perfect solution for tough and high-volume label printing needs.

Citizen CL-S6621XL Efficiency

Thanks to its external media holder, the CL-S6621XL surpasses other comparable printers in terms of efficiency. This innovative design allows for seamless media loading and ensures optimal performance, making your printing tasks quicker and more streamlined.

Automatic Cross-Emulation for Easy Integration

The CL-S6621XL offers automatic Cross-Emulation, a feature that simplifies integration and compatibility with various systems. This means you can seamlessly incorporate this printer into your existing setup without any hassle or compatibility issues.

Advanced Hi-Lift Mechanism for Precision Printing

Featuring our advanced Hi-Lift Mechanism, the CL-S6621XL ensures precision printing every time. This mechanism allows for fast and accurate media loading, reducing the chances of misprints and wastage. You can rely on this printer for consistently high-quality labels.

The Perfect Solution for High-Volume Label Printing

When it comes to high-volume label printing, the CL-S6621XL excels. Its robust design and user-friendly interface make it a reliable choice for demanding printing tasks. Say goodbye to delays and inefficiencies, and experience seamless label printing with this exceptional device.

With the new 6-inch Citizen CL-S6621XL label printer, you can expect unmatched efficiency, easy integration, precise printing, and hassle-free operation. Take your label printing to the next level with this cutting-edge desktop machine.

Citizen CL-S6621XL Key Features

  • Innovative external media holder for enhanced efficiency
  • Automatic Cross-Emulation for seamless integration
  • Advanced Hi-Lift Mechanism for precision printing
  • Robust design for high-volume label printing
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