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Citizen CL-H300SV Description

Citizen CL-H300SV Label Printer

The Citizen CL-H300SV desktop label printer is ideal for workspaces with limited floor space or tight areas. Its small footprint allows users to print up to 4' wide labels on a 4.5' media roll. This makes it particularly beneficial in retail, hospitality, healthcare, and pharmacies. The compact design ensures it fits seamlessly into tight spaces, making it perfect for environments where space is scarce.

Anti-Microbial and Disinfectant Ready

Citizen Systems has incorporated their successful anti-microbial and disinfectant ready technology into the CL-H300SV label printer. This protective technology helps businesses combat bacteria growth, offering a complete suite of protective printing solutions. The printer's casing and internal components have an SIAA mark fulfilling ISO 22196, ensuring effective results against bacteria growth. It is engineered to deliver superior performance and is designed to the highest industry standards.

Perfect for Hospitality and Healthcare

The CL-H300SV's flat, front exit design makes it ideal for hospitality printing applications where food and drink spillages are common. It is suitable for printing takeaway delivery labels, click and collect food order labels, and fresh food labels. Additionally, its compact design and user-friendly operation make it a great fit for healthcare environments with limited space. The simple box design allows for easy cleaning without the need to reach hard-to-access areas.

Ultra-Modern Aesthetics and Reliable Performance

Available in white, the CL-H300SV offers ultra-modern aesthetics that seamlessly blend into various working environments in hospitality, retail, and healthcare. The printer can print at a speed of 200mm per second and comes with a standard 2-year warranty on the printer and up to 6 months or 30kms on the printhead. It is perfect for everyday label printing, including takeaway food orders, click and collect labels, patient wristbands, and sample labels.

Comprehensive Hardware and Software Connectivity

The CL-H300SV label printer offers full hardware and software connectivity options, providing ultimate flexibility in integrating with existing processes. It comes with a USB 2.0 interface as standard and optional Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, Ethernet with XML support, and USB hosts plus LAN interfaces. The printer is compatible with Citizen's BASIC interpreter, allowing seamless switching between languages like ZPL and DPL. It also offers SDKs for application builds and drivers for various operating systems like Windows and Linux.

Protect Your Printing Station with CL-H300SV

The CL-H300SV label printer from Citizen Systems is equipped with innovative self-protective housing technology and a disinfectant ready case. The anti-microbial case suppresses bacterial growth and protects against bacteria build-up, ensuring high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in hospitality, retail, and healthcare environments. With its outstanding value and reliable printing options, it provides a safer printing solution to protect the wellness of employees and customers.

Key Features of the CL-H300SV Label Printer

  • Compact design for limited spaces
  • Anti-microbial and disinfectant ready technology
  • Flat, front exit design for hospitality printing applications
  • Ultra-modern aesthetics and reliable performance
  • Full hardware and software connectivity options
  • Triple interface connection (USB, Wireless LAN, Ethernet)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • 2-year warranty on the printer, 6 months or 30kms on the printhead
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