Zebra ZD410 - Part# ZD41022-D01000EZ

ZD41022-D01000EZ - Zebra ZD410


    203 DPI with USB. ZD410 Printer with 203 Dots per Inch, USB 2.0 Connection, Power Supply & US Power Plug.

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The Zebra ZD410 is the smallest direct thermal label printer in its class, fitting easily in the most space-constrained desktop or shelf. ZD410 comes available with either 203 dpi or 300 dpi print resolution, the ZD410 is ideal for bar code printing labels with a shelf life of less than one year!

  • Ultra-Compact and Economical, bar code printer.
  • Print Method - Direct Thermal - No Ribbons!
  • Print Resolution - 203 & 300 dots per inch(dpi) options.
  • Print Speed - up to 6 inches per second(ips) depending upon resolution.
  • Print Width - up to 2.2 in. wide.
  • Warranty - 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

If you need fast, dependable printing in the most space constrained areas, you need the Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ. This ultra-compact "fits anywhere" printer is designed for the smallest of work spaces. When it comes to flexibility, the ZD41022-D01000EZ shines - this printer creates high-quality labels, receipts, tags and wristbands. This ZD41022-D01000EZ super-fast printer keeps your workers productive.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ:
  • Ultra compact "fits anywhere" printer: The ZD41022-D01000EZ is the smallest printer in its class, fitting easily in the most space-constrained desktop or shelf - you can even mount it on a wall.
  • Adaptable to meet your current and future needs: The ZD41022-D01000EZ movable media sensor gives you more media options, including media with off-center black marks, die-cut notches or multiple labels across the width.
    With virtually every modern connectivity option, the ZD41022-D01000EZ fits into your technology environment now and in the future. Choose from USB, auto-sensing serial or 10/100 Ethernet, as well as the very latest wireless options: 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. And the ZD41022-D01000EZ supports concurrent Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.
    If you need new communication or media handling options in the future, no problem. Add serial or Ethernet connectivity, plus a peeler and a cutter, right on site - without taking the Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ out of service. The result? Maximum functionality and uptime.
    Since the ZD41022-D01000EZ is designed to be backwards compatible with existing applications, formats and printer languages, you can easily upgrade from your aging Zebra LP 2824 Plus - just plug in the ZD41022-D01000EZ and you"re back up and running.
    The ZD41022-D01000EZ supports Zebra ZPL and EPL printer languages and many non-Zebra languages, making it easy to replace competitive printers.
  • Easy to use and troubleshoot: Five status icons - status, pause, data, supplies and network - provide the additional information you need to keep your Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ printer up, running and available. Now, at glance, users can see if the media needs to be replenished, if the network connection is down and much more.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize healthcare model: The Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ is available in a healthcare model with disinfectant ready plastics and a sealed button interface that makes it easy to clean and disinfect - crucial in hospitals and clinics.
    The ZD41022-D01000EZ fits easily in space constrained pharmacies, labs and nurses stations. And with its 300 dpi printing option, even the small labels on specimen containers and prescriptions are highly legible.
  • Link-OS for unparalleled ease of management: The Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ supports Zebra"s Link-OS, a unique software platform that makes it easier than ever to integrate, manage and maintain your printers, from any location. With this innovative highly flexible solution, you can manage one printer, a group of specific printers or all printers anywhere in the world via the cloud. And with a quick tap of an NFC enabled mobile device on the ZD41022-D01000EZ, you can access Zebra"s extensive knowledge base of how-to videos and more, making it easy to obtain the information needed to quickly resolve everyday printer issues.Deployment is a breeze - the Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ is loaded with connectivity options. The ZD41022-D01000EZ is easy to use, operate and troubleshoot, ensuring your printer is always up and running. And Zebra OneCare service maximizes the availability and productivity of your ZD41022-D01000EZ printers with unmatched from-the-manufacturer support that covers everything - from worn out printheads to normal wear and tear. The ZD41022-D01000EZ - the little printer designed with big business functionality.

    The Zebra ZD41022-D01000EZ comes with a Zebra 12-Month Warranty against defects and Extended Warranty options are available.
    • Printhead replacement 203 DPI Printhead for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# P1079903-010
    • $89.99
    • Printhead replacement 300 DPI Printhead for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# P1079903-011
    • $102.15
    • USB Cable (6 feet, A to B USB Cable for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# 105850-006
    • $18.22
    • Serial Cable (6 feet, 9-Pin Male - 9 Pin Female RS232/Serial Cable for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# 105850-003
    • $20.00
    • Serial Card (Field Installable Serial Interface Card for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# P1079903-034
    • $22.09
    • Label Peeler (Field Installable Label Peeler/Dispenser for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# P1079903-022
    • $29.35
    • Mounting Bracket (Mounting Bracket Kit for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# P1079903-037
    • $35.16
    • Ethernet Card (Field Installable Ethernet Interface Card for the Zebra ZD410 Series.

      Part# P1079903-032
    • $70.48
    • Auto-Cutter. Front mount guillotine cutter and catch tray for the ZD410.

      Part# P1079903-021
    • $109.83

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