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Datamax SV-3210 Bar Code Printers - Part# Q42-00-08000000

Q42-00-08000000 - Datamax SV-3210

    Ticket Printer (Direct Thermal Printing, Serial Interface, Vertical Mount. Power Supply included.)

The Datamax S-Class family of admissions ticketing printers are the fastest, most configurable ticket printers to be introduced to the admissions industry.

The development of the Datamax Q42-00-08000000 ticket printer within Datamax was driven by market research identifying the potential growth of thermal printer sales within the ticket printing industry. The driving force for the growth is the combined demands for automation, printing of variable data, reduction of fraud, and the increased use of the Internet as an avenue to print and sell tickets. Our research shows the combination of these factors presents a tremendous opportunity for a high performance, thermal ticket printer.

After careful review of the admissions industry, Datamax has developed and launched a line of thermal ticket printers. The Q42-00-08000000 printer operates in direct thermal mode, prints an image area of up to 3.15" wide and accommodates fan-fold stock. This product has more standard features, better overall performance, and a more competitive price than its identified competition.