Honeywell MS9540 - Part# MK9540-72A48

MK9540-72A48 - Honeywell MS9540

    VoyagerCG Stand Alone Keyboard Interface, Scanner with CodeGate, Stand with PS/2 Cable included. - Color: Light Gray.

Honeywell MS9540 - Part# MK9540-72A48 Highlights

  • High-performance, Point of Sale hand-held bar code scanner.
  • Scan Techniques - Single-line, laser scanning.
  • Scan Rate - up to 72 scans per second
  • Scan Range - from contact to 8 inches.
  • Withstands multiple 5' drops to concrete.
  • Warranty - against defects for a period of 5 years.

Honeywell MS9540 - Part# MK9540-72A48 Product Description

The Honeywell Scanners are auto-trigger, single-line laser bar code scanners designed for decoding all standard 1D bar codes, including RSS codes.

Including the Voyager's sleek design, additional performance enhancements include:
  • Decodes all standard 1D, RSS-14, RSS Limited, and RSS expanded bar codes.
  • Automatic trigger.
  • User-replaceable, single cable interface to host.Thanks to Honeywell's commitment to affordable, reliable and high-performance data capture and collection hardware, there is a member of the Voyager family perfect for your retail point-of-sale, light warehousing or healthcare application. And,with features like our proprietary CodeGate technology for ultimate control, automatic in-stand scanning, all-inclusive kits, bumper-to-cable warranty and easy-on-your-walletprices, its no wonder so many companies have made the switch to Honeywell .
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    Honeywell MS9540 - Part# MK9540-72A48 Specifications

    Honeywell MS9540 Specifications

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