Datalogic Heron HD3100 - Part# HD3130-WH

HD3130-WH - Datalogic Heron HD3100

    Part# HD3130-WH

    Multi-Interface Heron HD3130 1D Scanner Only with Stand. Connector Cable and Power Supply for RS232/Serial Connection not included - please see options. Color: White.

Datalogic Heron HD3100 - Part# HD3130-WH Highlights

    Datalogic Heron HD3100 - Part# HD3130-WH Product Description

    The Datalogic imager bridges the gap between man and machine, bringing high style along with technology to the modern point of sale. Utilizing a fresh approach to conventional bar code reading, your customers and employees alike will delight in its mastery of the form and function.

    Your brand is important to your business and your customers; it defines and sets the stage for your enterprise. The elegant silhouette of the imager extends your brand experience to the final interaction at the point of sale with your customers, reflecting the same artful considerations you put into your merchandising. Offering multiple opportunities to incorporate your companys brand identity, the imager allows you to compose the perfect blend - combining your logo and top cover color with customized visual and audio feedback, all designed to reinforce the value extended by your business to your customers.

    Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Datalogic :

  • Innovative and unique design raises the bar for cutting-edge POS checkout experience.
  • In-mold decorated top cover - Choice of Carbon-Fiber or Silver designs.
  • Multiple changing color LEDs on sides and top.
  • Polyphonic speaker for a wide variety of choices for audio feedback.
  • Easily customized with logo, top cover, and visual/audio feedback.
  • Datalogic patented Green Spot technology for aiming and good-read feedback.
  • Automatic switching between handheld and hands-free operation.
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI.No problems. No worries. The is a song of productivity and seamless performance. A fusion of the features your business needs, the fashionable style customers love, and the enticing allure of light and sound, you are empowered to deliver the most unique scanning solution available to your POS checkout operations.

    The Datalogic comes with a 5-Year Manufacter's Warranty against defects.
  • Datalogic Heron HD3100 - Part# HD3130-WH Specifications

    Datalogic Heron HD3100 Specifications

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