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DS8108-DL00006ZZWW - Zebra DS8108-DL

DS8108-DL00006ZZWW - Zebra DS8108-DL Barcode Scanners

DS8108-DL: DS8108-DL Area-Scanner only with Drivers License scan capability. Connector cable not included - please see options. Color - Nova White.

1D Scan 2D Scan

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DS8108-DL00006ZZWW - Zebra DS8108-DL Authorized Partner
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The Zebra DS8108-DL is a Standard Range, Corded, handheld barcode scanner capable of scanning Drivers License data and printed 1D & 2D barcodes. As a member of the Zebra DS8100 Series of Handheld barcode scanners, the DS8108-DL is designed for point of sale environments required to scan driver licenses for age verification or to populate user information for loyalty programs as well as printed barcodes, regardless of size, poorly printed, crinkled, faded, distorted, dirty or damaged and electronic barcodes on dimly lit displays. With a manufacturer's warranty against defects for 60-months, and able to withstand 6 ft. drops to concrete, the Zebra DS8108-DL is an ideal Driver License and POS scanning solution.

DS8108-DL00006ZZWW - Zebra DS8108-DL Barcode Scanners - Accessories

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