Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip - Part# 942600010

942600010 - Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip

    Android 4.4, Pistol Grip - 2D Imager & 28-Key. Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip 1D/2D Imager with Green Spot including Android 4.4 OS, 802.11 a/b/g/n & Bluetooth v4 Communications, 28-Key Numeric Keypad, 1GB RAM/8GB Flash & Extended Battery.

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Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip - Part# 942600010 Highlights

  • Industrial Strength, High Performance Pistol Grip Mobile Computer.
  • Scan Techniques - 1D & 1D/2D Imager options.
  • Wireless Communication - 802.11a/b/g/n with Cisco Security.
  • Wireless PAN Data - Bluetooth Wireless v4 with BLE & v2.1 with EDR options.
  • Operating System - Android v4.4 & Windows Embedded Compact 7 options.
  • Warranty - 12-month manufacturer's warranty against defects.

Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip - Part# 942600010 Product Description

The Datalogic mobile computer features a high performance multicore 1 GHz architecture that offers blazing speed when running Windows Embedded Compact OS and allows easy upgradeability to the Android OS. Users will never run out of memory with the standard 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Flash.

The is equipped with the largest high-visibility 3.2 inch color display touch screen in its class, the mobile computer helps users work more efficiently.

Three different keyboards are available for maximum efficiency: a 50-key alphanumeric keypad, a 38-key functional keypad and a 28-key numeric keypad.

Additional Strengths and Advantages of the Datalogic : Large high visibility color display with touch screen
  • Choice of 1D or 2D imagers featuring.
  • Datalogic's patented 'Green Spot' technology for good-read feedback.
  • Wide Band Audio for improved speech recognition (Android only).
  • Choice of Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7 or Android v4.4 operating systems.
  • TI 802.11 a/b/g/n radio with CCX v4 and featuring MIMO antenna technology.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology v4.0 with BLE (low energy) on Android models.
  • 6.0 ft drop resistance.
  • IP64 protection class.
  • WEC7 units include: Wavelink Avalanche pre-installed and pre-licensed; Wavelink TelnetCE pre-installed and prelicensed on Pistol Grip units; Pal pre-installed.
  • Upgradable to Android 4.4.
  • Attachable handle (and orderable pre-installed).
  • EASEOFCARE Service Plans offer a wide range of service options to protect your investment, ensuring maximum productivity and ROI.
  • This rugged Datalogic mobile computer is particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment both in-store and back-end receiving applications. With the best ergonomics on the market, the mobile computer reduces operator fatigue with no compromise in terms of reliability and robustness, resisting harsh environments, multiple drops, strong shocks and repetitive tumbles.

    The pistol-grip model has the most durable and comfortable handle in the industry.

    The Datalogic mobile computer's wireless communication capabilities (802.11 a/b/g/n) enables speedy transmission of data, while Bluetooth wireless technology v4 provides support for the new low energy mode (BLE). The new MIMO antennas provide extended coverage.

    The Datalogic comes with a 1-Year Factory Warranty and has additional extended warranty options.

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    Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip - Part# 942600010 Specifications

    Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip Specifications

  • Click the following link to view the Datalogic Skorpio X4 Pistol Grip Specifications
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