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Motorola MC3090S Mobile Computers - Part# 25-91513-01R

25-91513-01R - Motorola MC3090S

    Zebra QL Cable (Communication Cable between the MC3090S and Zebra QL Series.)

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The Motorola 25-91513-01R mobile computers from Motorola are rugged mobile computers ideal for scan-intensive environments that require high-quality data capture throughout the enterprise. Their superior ergonomic design and balance help to facilitate faster decision making and increased workforce satisfaction inside the retail store, on the loading dock or on a delivery route.

A variety of feature options, including: color touch display; batch or wireless communications: brick or gun form factor; Bluetooth voice and audio capability; three keypad options; and the ability to capture images, scan bar codes, or read DPM marks, allowing you to meet your customer, employee and IT needs. Each 25-91513-01R mobile computer is based on a high-performance mobile Intel XScale PXA270 processor supporting up to 128MB RAM, which helps you gain significant business value by ensuring maximum user productivity.

Additional Benefits and Advantages of the Motorola 25-91513-01R:

  • Light, ergonomic design: Reduces user fatigue for higher productivity in scan-intensive applications.
  • Brick or gun form factors: Comfortable use in intensive or non-intensive scan environments.
  • Audio and visual scanning feedback: Provides visual in addition to audio feedback without having to reorient the device. Visual feedback only on gun.
  • Brick versions with available rotating laser: Adjust the scanning positions left, right and front for maximum comfort and productivity.
  • 320 x 320 resolution color/mono touch display (with backlight): 30% higher resolution than 1/4 VGA allows easy viewing in many environments.
  • Wireless 802.11a/b/g LAN connectivity: Provides real-time wireless data exchange for maximum productivity.
  • Bluetooth option: Enables use of wireless connection to a range of devices.
  • Drop, Tumble and Sealing: Meets and exceeds applicable MIL-STD and IEC specs for drop, tumble and sealing.
  • IP54-rated sealing: Protects against water and dust for reliable performance in rough environmental conditions.
  • Intel XScale PXA270 processor and Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating systems: Delivers high-speed CPU performance through familiar interfaces with wide software application support.
  • Device management with Mobility Services Platform (MSP): Enables real-time monitoring of critical mobile computer and wireless infrastructure.The Motorola 25-91513-01R's rugged design and IP54-rated sealing ensure continued use and uptime by protecting against dust, moisture and extreme temperatures. And, whether working inside or out, the 25-91513-01Rs have a drop spec of four feet to concrete across a wide temperature range, reducing equipment and maintenance costs.

    The Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile operating systems offer familiar interfaces and the power of Web-based applications for greater usability and employee satisfaction. Bringing the next generation of mobile computing to your business, Motorola's rep-mdoels are built on the Windows CE or Windows Mobile operating systems. With real-time processing, faster performance, rich multimedia and Web browsing capabilities, your enterprise can become truly mobile with interoperability between personal computers, servers, Web services and devices.

    Motorola's enterprise mobility solutions go beyond mobile devices and wireless connectivity to ensure that every aspect of your mobility solution works seamlessly and at maximum efficiency. Even the most rugged products require a maintenance plan and support strategy. That's why Motorola has designed comprehensive set of services that cover every aspect of the Motorola 25-91513-01R - helping to ensure our customers derive full value from their investment.