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Zebra DS9808-R Bar Code Scanners

Zebra DS9808-R
  • Ground breaking hands-free RFID, 1D & 2D barcode imager.
  • Scan Techniques - Area Imager for scanning 1D and 2D barcodes.
  • RFID Frequency: 902 - 928 Mhz (US, Canada & Mexico);
  • RFID Tag Type: EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C)
  • Scan Range - from 0 in. up to 18 in. depending upon type & MIL size.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer warranty against defects for a period of 3 years.

  • Zebra DS9808-R Description

    The Motorola DS9808-R is a ground-breaking data capture device that represents two Motorola firsts. The DS9808-R is not only the first combination 1D/2D bar code scanner and RFID reader, it also represents a new RFID product category - the first combination handheld/hands-free UHF RFID reader.

    Motorola's revolutionary imaging engine enables the capture of 1D and 2D bar codes as well as images and signatures, with record swipe speeds on both 1D and 2D bar codes. The hands-free read range for bar codes and RFID tags can be adjusted to meet your needs - for example, the RFID read range can be set to prevent the inadvertent capture of RFID tags in a nearby cash-wrap. The flexible DS9808-R device can capture virtually any 1D or 2D bar code quickly and easily on paper labels as well as on mobile phone displays, providing built-in support for emerging applications - mobile coupons and mobile loyalty cards in retail to mobile boarding passes at the airport. The DS9808-R can also capture and parse the PDF417 bar codes on U.S. driver's licenses and other AAMVA compliant ID cards, enabling retailers to automatically populate a credit or loyalty care application or other form. The result is the extraordinary flexibility to accommodate virtually any type of inventory management technology at the POS - all with a single cost-effective device.

    The Motorola DS9808-R complements Motorola's RFID portfolio, allowing retailers to easily implement RFID from the receiving dock to the checkstand. Retailers can now realize the proven benefits of real-time item level inventory visibility, including: timely re-ordering to eliminate out-of-stocks and the associated lost sales; increased inventory turns, which in turn reduce inventory carrying costs; real-time trending analysis for better purchasing decisions that put more of the products your customers want on the shelves of your store; and the ability to ensure timely replenishment of your shelves - with minimal human intervention.

    The comprehensive RFID feature of the DS9808-R enables retailers to maximize the value of RFID technology in the store.

    Additional RFID strengths and advantages of the Motorola DS9808-R:
  • Enables RFID price checking, new inventory commission, separated inventory identification (e.g. fitting rooms), and returns processing.
  • While the DS9808-R continually reads RFID tags in the working field, built-in filtering prevents accidental multiple entries of the same tag. Associates will hear a single beep as the tag data is physically captured and entered into the transaction, just as if a bar code was scanned, providing associates with a familiar and intuitive process that eliminates the need for training.
  • Special RFID parsing software allows the translation of the RFID EPC tag data to UPC bar code data on the fly, allowing retailers to implement RFID information into existing bar code-based inventory applications. As a result, a pilot test or full RFID solution can be implemented quickly, easily and cost-effectively into any existing retail technology environment.

    The Motorola DS9808-R allows associates to instantly switch form factors and scanning modes. This extraordinary one-of-a-kind hybrid design marries a solid base with Motorola's award-winning handheld ergonomics, creating a scanner that delivers superior comfort and ease of use in handheld and hands-free modes. Switching from hands-free presentation style scanning to handheld mode is as easy as picking up the device. The unique tri-function trigger design enables retailers to assign specific functionality to different positions - for example, the upper trigger could be dedicated to RFID tags, the lower trigger could activate the imager to read 1D or 2D bar codes, and both triggers could be activated to execute a third function (such as a combination of RFID and bar code scanning).

    With the flexible DS9808-R, there is no need to purchase multiple devices to enable different types of data capture in your enterprise - no matter what applications you need now or in the future, the powerful comprehensive feature set will meet your needs. You enjoy the functionality of an RFID reader, an image capture device and a bar code scanner - all in a single device. Capital and operational costs are significantly reduced. There are fewer devices to purchase and manage, and compatibility with Remote Scanner Management (RSM) greatly simplifies configuration, deployment and day-to-day management of the devices.

    The Motorola DS9808-R offers a new standard for bar code scanner reliability, providing the maximum uptime required in the demanding retail environment. The 4 ft. drop to concrete drop specification ensures dependable performance - in spite of the inevitable everyday drops and bumps.