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Zebra CS4070 Barcode Scanners

Zebra CS4070
The Zebra CS4070 has been discontinued. The Replacement is the:
Zebra CS60 Series Barcode Scanners
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Zebra CS4070-SR00004ZMWW
Zebra CS4070-SR00004ZMWW
Bluetooth Imager (CS4070 Bluetooth - Ready-to-Go Kit. CS4070 Bluetooth Imager with Micro-USB Cable included. Host powered. Color: Black.


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Zebra CS4070-SR70000TAZW
Zebra CS4070-SR70000TAZW
DS4308-HC Bluetooth - Ready-to-Go Kit with Landyard. CS4070 Bluetooth Imager with Lanyard and Micro-USB Cable included. Host powered. Color: Black.

1D Scan Bluetooth

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Zebra KT-SAC5000-8000CR
Zebra KT-SAC5000-8000CR
Eight-Slot Battery Charging Cradle Kit (8-Slot Battery Charge Cradle Kit for CS4070 includes Wall Mount and Power Supply. Power Cord Part# 23844-00-00R required).
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Zebra KT-CHS5000-8000CR
Zebra KT-CHS5000-8000CR 8-Slot Charger
Eight-Slot Terminal Charging Cradle Kit (8-Slot Charge Cradle Kit for CS4070 Terminals includes Wall Mount and Power Supply. Power Cord Part# 23844-00-00R required).
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Zebra 23844-00-00R
Zebra 23844-00-00R Accessory
Power Cord (Power Cord for use with CS4070 Power Supplies.
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Brand New, Factory Sealed
Zebra 21-102377-01
Zebra 21-102377-01 1-Clip Charger
Lanyard (CS4070 Lanyard including Clip and Neck Cord.
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Zebra BT-CS1-0BR-U21
Zebra BT-CS1-0BR-U21 Cable
Bluetooth Kit (CS4070 Bluetooth Dongle Kit includes Bluetooth Dongle and USB Cable for the CS4070.
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Zebra BT10-CS40EAB00-04
Zebra BT10-CS40EAB00-04 Battery
Battery - 10 Pack replacement Battery for the CS4070. 10-pack.
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Zebra BTRY-CS40EAB00-04
Zebra BTRY-CS40EAB00-04 Battery
Battery replacement Battery for the CS4070.
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Zebra CHS5000-1000CR
Zebra CHS5000-1000CR Cradle
Single-Slot Charging Cradle (Single Slot Charge Cradle with Spare Battery Charge capability includes Power Supply. Power Cord Part# 50-16000-182R required).
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Zebra CHS5000-8000CR
Zebra CHS5000-8000CR 8-Slot Charge Cradler
Eight-Slot Terminal Charging Cradle (8-Slot Charge Cradle for CS4070 Terminals includes Power Supply. Power Cord Part# 23844-00-00R required).
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Zebra SAC5000-8000CR
Zebra SAC5000-8000CR 8-Slot Battery Charger
Eight-Slot Battery Charging Cradle (8-Slot Battery Charge Cradle for CS4070 includes Power Supply. Power Cord Part# 23844-00-00R required).
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Zebra CS4070 Description

Based on the newest Bluetooth standards, the Zebra CS4070 works with all of today's popular tablets, laptops and smartphones. And the integrated MFI chip and Apple Certification ensure compatibility with all Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

The Zebra CS4070 resets the bar for 2D imaging, allowing workers to capture 1D and 2D barcodes with laser-style speed and accuracy for first-time every time split second capture of barcodes in virtually any condition.

The Zebra CS4070 scans 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on mobile phones or computer screens, supporting many different types of applications - from mobile POS in a retail store to real-time ordering in route accounting.

Not only is the Zebra CS4070 one of the smallest and lightest devices in its class, it is also designed to fit naturally in the hand for all day comfort in the most scan intensive applications. Grooves guide the hand to the most comfortable placement, and trigger buttons are placed to enable easy effortless scanning for any size hand. The dedicated pairing button makes it easy for users to pair the CS4070 with any supported host with the press of a button.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Zebra CS4070:

  • Point-and-shoot scanning simplicity: The rep-mode can scan barcodes at distances much farther than competitive devices, allowing workers to capture barcodes more easily through more natural movements. And with omni-directional scanning, there is never a need to align the CS4070 and the barcode.
  • Built for business: the CS4070 operates reliably after multiple 5 ft./1.5 mdrops to concrete as well as 500 consecutive tumbles from 1.64 ft./0.5 m.
  • Full-shift power: CS4070 users never need to run out of power. The battery holds enough power for a 12-hour shift, is field replaceable and has a convenient LED indicator that lets users know when to change the battery.
  • Make over a million scans: The Zebra CS4070 scan button offers an enterprise-class actuation rating, the scan button and scan button graphics are designed and tested to handle over a million presses.
  • Real-time and batch mode support: The flexibility of the Zebra CS4070 ensures compatibility with your current applications and allows users to capture data, regardless of whether they are on or offline.Tablets are taking the enterprise by storm because of the many benefits they offer. The large screen provides plenty of real estate for data-rich applications. Employees are already familiar with the Zebra CS4070 device, virtually eliminating training. And tablet operating systems support the elegant and highly-intuitive graphics-based applications today's users expect.

    The Zebra CS4070 is an ideal companion for tablets and more, this affordable pocket-sized device offers our most advanced barcode scanning technology, able to capture virtually any barcode, in any condition, in the time it takes to press the trigger -even if it is damaged, dirty or scratched. And the natural feel delivers comfortable no-fatigue scanning -no matter how many times a day your workers need to scan.

    The Zebra CS4070 comes with a Manufacturer's 3-year Warranty against defects.
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