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Wasp WWR2900 Bar Code Scanners

Wasp WWR2900
  • High-performance, affordable hand-held Pen Barcode scanner.
  • Scan Techniques - Scans 1D barcode data on contact.
  • Scan Rate - 3.9 tp 13.6 inches per second.
  • Withstands repeated 6 ft. drops to concrete.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer warranty against defects for a period of 2 years.

  • Wasp WWR2900 (Part# 633808142421)
  • Wasp WWR2900 (Part# 633808142421)

    Pen Scanner (WWR 2905 Pen Scanner with 6 Foot Coiled USB Cable.)

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  • Wasp WWR2900 Description

    The Wasp WWR2900 pen barcode scanner is the perfect tool for repetitive data entry. Use the Wasp WWR2900 to scan barcodes on invoices, membershipcards, and other barcoded material. The barcode data is instantly transferred to your open document, spreadsheet, or database, helping yourbusiness save time and eliminate data entry errors.

    The Wasp WWR2900 connects easily through your PC's USB port, and offers a compact, pen-style design that is ideal for desktop use.

    Additional Advantages & Strengths of the Wasp WWR2900

  • Scans barcode data on contact
  • Durable, ABS plastic construction provides reliability
  • Can withstand multiple 6' drops to concrete
  • Supports pre-amble and post-amble characters, including function keys
  • Reads linear (1D) barcodes, including Code 39, Code 128 and UPC
  • Compatible with optional stand for easy access and storage includes 6' coiled USB cableCommon uses of the Wasp WWR2900

  • Office
  • Library
  • Medical
  • MarketingBenefits of the Wasp WWR2900

  • Easily scan barcodes on invoices, documents, and membership cards by swiping the Wasp WWR2900 across the barcode.
  • Rapidly add data to your open application, eliminating data-entry errors and improving efficiency.
  • Ensure user comfort with the Wasp WWR2900's ergonomic, pen-style design
  • Compact, space-saving design integrates easily into desktop workspaces
  • Quickly install the Wasp WWR2900 through your PC's USB port without additional software or driversThe Wasp WWR2900 also comes with a Two-Year manufacturer warranty.