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Wasp WLS9500 Bar Code Scanners

Wasp WLS9500
  • The Wasp WLS9500 has been Discontinued & Upgraded to the Wasp WLS9600.
  • High-performance, Affordable Hand-Held Barcode Imager.
  • Scan Techniques - Multi-line rastering scan pattern.
  • Scan Rate - 200 scans per second.
  • Scan Range - up to 29 inches away.
  • Withstands multiple 6 foot drops to concrete.
  • Warranty - Manufacturer warrany against defects for a period of 2 years.

  • Wasp WLS9500 (Part# 633808600358)
  • Wasp WLS9500 (Part# 633808600358)

    Extended Service Plan Renewal (Waspprotect Extended Service Plan Renewal for the WLS9500 Barcode Scanner: Adds 1 Year to the Original 4-Year Waspprotect Warranty.)

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  • Wasp WLS9500 Description

    The Wasp WLS9500 laser barcode scanner delivers fast, error-free data entry. Improve the efficiency and accuracy of data gathering in office, retail, healthcare and warehouse applications with the Wasp WLS9500. Built to tolerate the demands of high-traffic environments, the Wasp WLS9500 can withstand multiple 6-foot drops to concrete. Ergonomic design provides comfortable operation, even in high-use applications.

    Next-generation laser technology ensures that the Wasp WLS9500 can rapidly decode all common 1D barcodes, including damaged and RSS barcodes. High motion tolerance and a rastering scan pattern make the WLS9500 ideal for novice users, eliminating the need for training. The Wasp WLS9500 offers a flexible scan range of up to 29 inches, allowing you to scan barcodes at a distance.

    Additional Advantages & Strengths of the Wasp WLS9500

  • Multi-line rastering scan pattern
  • High motion tolerance
  • Scan barcodes up to 29 inches away
  • Aggressive 200 scans / second decode rate
  • Single circuit-board design is able to withstand multiple 6-foot (1.8-meter) drops to concrete
  • Optional hands-free stand
  • Supports all common 1D barcodes, including RSSIdeal Uses for The Wasp WLS9500

  • Retail
  • Health Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Light Warehouse
  • OfficeBenefits of the Wasp WLS9500

  • Save time and improve accuracy of data entry
  • Installs quickly and easily, plugging directly into your PC - no drivers required
  • High motion tolerance and rastering scan pattern ensure rapid scanning
  • Durable design limits downtime due to breakage
  • Lightweight, ergonomic form factor is comfortable to use for prolonged periodsThe Wasp WLS9500 also comes with a Two-Year manufacturer warranty.