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The Code Reader 8000 Scan Engine is a patented, high performance, miniature barcode imaging engine. The Code Reader 8000 Scan Engine continues Code's legacy of dual optical fields - while most devices have a single field enhanced for a specific application, the Code Reader 8000 Scan Engine has both a high density field for reading the smallest of barcodes, and a wide angle field for reading oversized barcodes giving you two readers in one.

Additional Strengths & Advantages of the Code Reader 8000 Scan Engine:

  • Dual field optics, both high density and wide field in the same reader.
  • World-class decoding platform.
  • Glare reduction technology.
  • Attachable illumination blocks for different applications.
  • Bright LED aiming mechanism.
  • Compact size fits any application.
  • Simple to setup and configure.
  • Data editing and parsing with JavaScript.
  • Reads barcodes reliably off cell phone screens.
  • Compatible with Code's CortexTools software configuration utility.
  • Manual or automatic triggering.
  • Free Software Developer's Kit.
  • Built in TTL RS232 or USB interface.The Code Reader 8000 Scan Engine also comes with a One-Year manufacturer warranty.
  • Click the following link to view the Code Reader 8000 Scan Engine Specifications