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PSC QS1000 Bar Code Scanners

PSC QS1000

  • PSC QS1000 Description

    The PSC QS1000 scanners offers you all the benefits of laser scanning in a great, auto-triggering package. The triggerless design, snappy scanning, and optional “hands-free” stand give you enhanced performance at the point-of-sale.

    The QS1000 consistently delivers speed and flexibility whether used at the point-of-sale checkout or for office, service, or medical applications. It has an incredibly fast “speed-to-read” rate when compared to other scanners in its class. When you're weighing price vs. performance, you don't need to look any further than the QS1000 scanner. The performance to price ratio is unparalleled, and the design is truly unique.

    Providing user comfort “from the hand to the stand,” and back again, was the primary consideration in its external design. The triggerless function and ergonomic design provide a sleek, attractive scanner that is as easy to use as it is comfortable.The QS1000 is built smart on the inside too. A beryllium copper scan element provides incredibly high durability, and anti-shock mounts that can absorb up to 1,500 Gs protect the reading engine and optics. In even the toughest environments, you can rely on the QS1000 to keep right on performing—even with repeated 5.0' / 1.5 m drops to concrete.

    With remarkable connectivity, the QS1000 supports all popular POS interfaces and keyboard wedges. The QS1000 autodiscriminates all major bar code symbologies, and fully supports the UPC/EAN family of add-ons and code extensions. The high visibility laser diode gives the PSC QS1000 superior reading capabilities in bright light conditions, and advanced signal processing provides exceptional performance even on low contrast bar codes.