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Metrologic MS9544 VoyagerPDF Bar Code Scanners

Metrologic MS9544 VoyagerPDF

  • Metrologic MS9544 VoyagerPDF Description

    The Metrologic MS9544 VoyagerPDF maximizes checkout efficiency with aggressive scanning of all standard 1D bar codes, including PDF codes. MS9544 VoyagerPDF is also well-suited for light manufacturing and warehouse applications.

    Metrologic's MS9544 VoyagerPDF combines the ability to decode PDF bar codes with many of the outstanding features found in all Voyager series hand-held, single-line scanners the industry benchmark for value and performance.

    Both models decode the following bar codes: standard 1D, PDF417, PDF417 truncated, micro PDF, macro PDF and RSS-14 composite. Since VoyagerPDF decodes bar codes featured on United States drivers' licenses, it is ideal for identity verification applications.

    In addition to automatic infrared activation for bar code detection, MS9544 VoyagerPDF also comes equipped with Metrologic's patented CodeGate technology which completes data transmission with the push of a single button.

    The MS9544 VoyagerPDF models come with a stand and in-stand auto-detection technology for presentation scanning as well as the following benefits:

  • Decodes PDF417 - Ability to decode PDF417, PDF417 truncated and micro PDF
  • Automatic trigger - Use scanner as either a hand-held device or a fixed presentation scanner when mounted in the stand
  • CodeGate data transmission - Zero in on desired code and complete data transmission with the push of a single button - Ideal for menu-scanning applications system
  • High speed scanning - Industry leading scan speed (180 scans/second) maximizes productivity by increasingthroughput
  • FlashROM - Protects POS investment with free firmware updates via MetroSet2 software andstandard PCThe Metrologic MS9544 VoyagerPDF is the hand-held, single-line laser scanner that offers aggressive scanning of all standard 1D bar codes, including PDF.